CarFest: Twelve-year-old boy plays DJ set after sign plea

A 12-year-old boy who held a sign up asking festival organisers to let him DJ has described how it led to him playing the event's closing set.

Harry Frost, who performs under the name DJ Hypester, played a drum and bass set at CarFest on Sunday night.

He played for 30 minutes at the festival in Overton, Hampshire, and described the experience as "amazing".

Chase and Status - one of the UK's most prominent drum and bass acts - said Harry was a "legend in the making".

The electronic duo, who made the comment after footage of Harry's performance was shared on social media, added that they wished the youngster "all the best in what's sure to be a sick DJ career ahead."

Harry, who is from Woolton Hill and has been DJing for five years, was at the festival with his mum and dad, who brought a USB stick containing some of his work in case he got the opportunity to play.

That opportunity came after a placard he held up saying "Let me DJ" was spotted by organisers.

Harry told the BBC: "I was pretty nervous, but I was saying to myself 'nerves are good', because that's what gives me the adrenaline rush, and I like the adrenaline on stage."

He has autism and ADHD, which his mum Barbra said were "actually a benefit to his music", adding that it gave him a "fantastic memory".

She said: "This really helps him with DJing as well.

"He can break down songs really well, he can hear the pitch and work out how to put two tracks together."

Harry, who has attended the festival since he was two years old, also met CarFest founder and former Radio 1 DJ, Chris Evans.

He is now hoping to return to the festival next year, and play a longer set.

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