'Who cares? Every Canaries fan in the world, that’s who' - Your views

Your views

Here are some of your views on David Wagner's post match comments following the defeat at Birmingham on Saturday (you can listen to the full interview here):

Garry - WHO CARES? Every Canaries fan in the world, that’s who. OTBC.

Blue - I was at St Andrew's and the way Norwich played sucked the atmosphere out of the game. After 10 minutes, both sets of fans were quiet as it was horrible to watch. Slow backwards and sidewards passing with no urgency! Even after we conceded the players didn't seem bothered. Not a good way to go into the play-offs.

Kris - I was at St Andrew's and was really disappointed with Norwich’s lack of ambition in possession. Wagner intimated in the week that they would go all out to win the game and to hear his after match comments shows a complete disrespect to the fans who travelled to support the team.

Kevin - What an unprofessional thing to say when 2000 of your club's fans paid a lot of money to watch a game Wagner says he did not care about. He should be made to pay for them away fans tickets, in my opinion.

Terence - Absolutely it was the correct call. Nobody was going to put their body on the line. The importance was that everyone is fit and healthy for the play-offs. On current form we can beat Leeds over two games.

Paul - Disgusted by Wagner comments. "Who cares?" Us fans do David, particularly those who travelled up and spent their day and hard earned cash on a no show and a manager who treated it like a friendly and couldn’t care less! Not sure what he was trying to do? Needed take some momentum into play-offs - that’s all gone with a defeat preceded by two draws