'Cardiff at home should always be five points'

Your views
Your views

We asked for your thoughts on Glasgow's narrow win over Cardiff at a soaking wet Scotstoun. Here's a flavour of what you had to say...

Kenny: A match to forget sums it up. Atrocious conditions in which Cardiff made the most of in the first half. They really dominated this match, with Glasgow clawing their way back in the second half. We will need to improve for the clash with Harlequins.

John: They can play better... but if Scottish rugby lacks something, it's winning no matter what. A win is a win, on to the next. Glasgow need the title again.

Kenny: Horrible first half, in terms of both rugby and weather. Glasgow not at the races. Better in the second but Cardiff at home should always be five points. Need to be better in the run-in if we want the playoffs to run through Scotstoun.

Peter: I have been at Scotstoun on some foul nights but I think the weather in the first half was the worst I have seen - and Cardiff handled it better. Glasgow did well to come back with 17 unanswered points in the second half. I will take the win!