Canterbury Police drop brutal blow on the Blues

Canterbury Police have struck a brutal blow to the Auckland Blues in a witty Facebook post celebrating the Crusaders' history-making Super Rugby title win.

The Christchurch franchise defeated the Johannesburg-based Lions to end the team's long wait for the championship.

It was the Crusaders' first title since 2008, and in the eight seasons since the grand final had been won at least once by every other New Zealand side.

Except the Blues, something the police had a lot of fun with on Facebook.

"We're thrilled to report that an important item that had been taken from its home at Rugby Park, Christchurch has been found and returned to its owners," their post read.

"It was located in Johannesburg, South Africa over the weekend. It has been missing for about nine years. Our thanks to the concerned members of the community from the Crusaders for their efforts in recovering this item.

"It has previously been seen in Hamilton, Dunedin and Wellington and even made it over to Australia and South Africa since it was taken in 2009.

"But not in Auckland. Not ever in Auckland since 2009. Unless you count going through the airport on its way to other places. But other than that, like, never."

The Crusaders celebrated in Johannesburg. Pic: Getty

They also made a bold prediction that the Crusaders themselves might find it tough to achieve.

"It arrived back in Christchurch last night and will be returned to its home, where it will likely remain. Probably until the End of Time," wrote the police.

They continued in the comments, too, uploading a mic-drop gif to acknowledge their solid work.