Mario Lopez Responded To Claims That He Code Switches After A Video Of Him With His "Homie" Went Viral

Mario Lopez responded to critics who accused him of "code-switching" and downplaying his Mexican heritage to the public.

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It all started after a video he posted on his TikTok account went viral. In it, the Access Hollywood host could be seen talking and using slang with a friend while eating ceviche, a traditional Latin American dish.

"I've only heard code switch Mario. I ain't know he was this Mexican," one person tweeted after viewing the video.

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Another person said they "deadass thought he was whitewashed, damn 😭😭😭."

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"Evidently, I'm trending on Twitter," Mario said in a video posted on TikTok on Tuesday. "And apparently, it's because people don't think I'm Mexican. Is that a trick? With a name like Mario Lopez?" he asked rhetorically.

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"But you know, they've been thinking I'm everything from Italian to Hawaiian, but I'm not," he continued, laughing. "It's the weirdest thing. I was born in Chula Vista. ... My parents are from Culiacán, Sinaloa."

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Mario explained that when he's posting food videos on TikTok, he's usually with "[his] homies" and "just kinda being [himself]."

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"I can't be like that on Access Hollywood or on my radio show," he admitted. "I'm tryna cash these checks. I can't be sounding all hood like that. I gotta keep it a little more polished and buttoned up."

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He added: "But I think it's funny. Twitter, you wild. You wild out there."

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You can watch his full video here.