Take Canned Biscuits To The Next Level And Make Garlicky Breadsticks

A pile of breadsticks
A pile of breadsticks - Iryna Pospikh/Shutterstock

Canned biscuits make for an effortless side dish, but that's not all they're good for. Like many ingredients and tools found in the kitchen, canned biscuits have many potential uses. Not only is this product good to help craft dishes like biscuits and gravy in a flash, they're also the perfect base for some delicious garlicky breadsticks.

While this premade dough has the word "biscuit" on the packaging, the fluffy bread can be used to make a whole lineup of baked goods, breadsticks included. To make it happen, simply pop open your canned biscuits as normal. Now grab a slice of the biscuit dough and roll it out long and thin. Twist the dough to give it some texture, then lay it out on a baking sheet. To really up your appetizer game, brush the dough with some minced garlic and butter or sprinkle the dough with the seasonings of your choice. Cook the dough per the instructions on the can (or until your preferred level of golden-brown) and voila. Hot, fluffy breadsticks are ready for the dinner table.

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Prime Seasonings For Garlic Breadsticks

A closeup of garlic breadsticks
A closeup of garlic breadsticks - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

This easy canned breakfast hack is the perfect choice for a quick dinner. Another big bonus: It's extremely customizable too. The topping options for these breadsticks extend way beyond minced garlic, so don't be afraid to think outside of the can.

For those without fresh garlic or a jar of pre-minced garlic, garlic powder works well in a pinch here too. Make sure to slather on plenty of whatever garlic option you have on hand to truly reap the benefits of this topping.

To add even more dimension to the flavor of these breadsticks, try doubling up on your seasonings. Luckily garlic goes well with almost anything, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a compliment. One common option, for breadsticks especially, is a healthy sprinkle of parmesan cheese. If you're looking for other options, onion powder and dried oregano do well with breadsticks too, so dig into your spice cabinet and see what you can find.

Other Meals To Make With Canned Biscuits

Monkey bread in a bundt pan
Monkey bread in a bundt pan - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

While it's easy to transform canned biscuits into a basket of garlicky breadsticks, that's only scratching the surface of what you can do with them. This product can also serve chefs well in making an easy meal of chicken and dumplings. Instead of spending hours in the kitchen rolling dough, this meal can be ready in under an hour with the help of canned biscuits. That same speediness can be utilized when using them to make other common casseroles like shepherd's pie or any sort of breakfast bake.

Savory options aside, canned biscuits can very easily be turned into a whole lineup of sweet desserts too. Take monkey bread, for instance. Canned dough is the perfect thing to use for monkey bread as it's already been portioned out and can easily be cut up, rolled in sugar, and covered in sweet syrup. Cinnamon rolls are another easy favorite to make with canned biscuits. Simply lay the pre-cut dough side by side, roll it out and cover it in toppings, then bake. Once it rises, these easy cinnamon rolls can be covered in icing and pulled apart to be eaten.

Canned biscuits have a lot of uses, so they're a good thing to keep stocked in the fridge. Whether it's breadsticks or breakfast casseroles, a quick and easy meal awaits.

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