Candace Owens Called Out on Own Podcast After ‘Muslim Quarters’ Gaffe

Daily Wire via YouTube
Daily Wire via YouTube

The far-right influencer Candace Owens was called out on her own podcast Tuesday after she bizarrely claimed that Muslims in Jerusalem are only permitted to live in the city’s Muslim Quarter neighborhood. As she tried to criticize Israel for this non-existent policy, Owens likened the “Muslim quarters (sic)” to that of the segregated south, where her grandfather grew up. “When I’m walking through Jerusalem, and you see, and they say ‘these are the Muslim quarters, this is where the Muslims are allowed to live,’ that doesn’t feel like a bastion of freedom to me,” Owens said. The guest on her podcast, the Jewish comedian Ami Kozak, instantly appeared perplexed. He cut Owens off and explained that Jerusalem’s 300,000-plus Muslim population aren’t legally required to live in its Muslim Quarter neighborhood, which has a population of about 22,000. “There are communities just like there’s a Jewish community in Jersey here,” he said, adding that Jerusalem also has an “Armenian Quarter.”

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