Camouflage Kate drives armoured vehicle with machine gun at Queen's Dragoon Guards

The Princess of Wales swapped formal clothes for military combat gear as she took the wheel of a seven-tonne armoured vehicle equipped with a machine gun on her first visit to the Queen's Dragoon Guards.

Camouflaged from head to waist, helmet included, Kate was described as "a natural" as she drove the Jackal 2 vehicle around the barracks in Dereham, Norfolk.

The 41-year-old said it was "really great" after bringing it to a stop adding: "It's very responsive actually, given the size of the thing."

Corporal Darreyl Tukana, a driving instructor, sat beside Kate as she took control of the vehicle that can reach speeds of 70mph.

Afterwards, he said: "She was a natural. She drives a Land Rover back at home - I told her it's exactly the same, just take it slowly and go back to where we started off from."

Corporal Tukana added that he did not have to teach her much saying: "I told her it's just like a normal car."

Kate was shown weapons in a troop hide and handled a drone during her visit as Colonel-in-Chief of the regiment - an appointment she received from the King in August.

She was also presented with the Queen's Dragoon Guards brooch, which was made in 1959 for the Queen Mother, who also served as Colonel-in-Chief of the regiment.

She awarded Medals for Long Service and Good Conduct and took a moment to remember soldiers lost in active service ahead of Remembrance Sunday.

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And Kate promoted the regimental mascot, a Bay Welsh Mountain pony called Trooper "Longface" Emrys Jones, from Lance Corporal to Corporal.

Kate Ormston, whose husband Paul is attached to the regiment, spoke to the princess.

"She asked about army life and my husband being deployed, and she was just really down to earth and friendly, it was really nice.

"She's done it herself, hasn't she, William's been in the military so she knows what it's like," she said.

The Queen's Dragoon Guards has been active for more than 300 years.

Specialising in reconnaissance, its soldiers have previously been deployed in Mali, Afghanistan, and Iraq.