Cameron Diaz and Keanu Reeves team up for new movie

keanu reeves
Cameron Diaz and Keanu Reeves team up for new filmSteve Jennings - Getty Images

Cameron Diaz, Keanu Reeves, Matt Bomer and Jonah Hill have been confirmed for Outcome, a new dark comedy for Apple.

Directed by and co-written by Hill, the film will star Reeves as a "damaged" Hollywood star who is extorted by someone using a mysterious video clip, and must delve into his past and confront his demons in order to make amends (via Deadline).

Roles for the other actors have not been revealed at the time of writing.

keanu reeves
Steve Jennings - Getty Images

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Reeves also looks like he'll soon be reprising the character Constantine in the much-delayed sequel to the 2005 comic book film.

Last October, director Francis Lawrence gave a promising update, saying: "Constantine 2 got obviously held up by the writers' strike. And we had to jump through a bunch of hurdles to get control of the character again, because other people had control of the Vertigo [comic label] stuff.

"We have control. Keanu and Akiva Goldsman and I have been in meetings and have been hashing out what we think the story is going to be, and there's more meetings of those that have to happen — the script has to be written — but really hoping that we get to do Constantine 2, and make a real rated R version of it."

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Meanwhile, Reeves himself announced in January that he is pursuing a new career avenue, by co-writing a novel set in the world of his BRZRKR comic series.

"It was extraordinary to have the opportunity to collaborate on The Book of Elsewhere with one of my favourite authors, China Miéville," Reeves said.

"China did exactly what I was hoping for — he came in with a clear architecture for the story and how he wanted to play with the world of BRZRKR, a world that I love so much."

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