Cam Newton throws to Julian Edelman for the first time: 'Great ball'

Chris Cwik
·1-min read

One of Cam Newton’s biggest challenges in his first season with the New England Patriots will be getting on the same page with his wide receivers. Newton — who signed in June — must get acclimated quickly for the Patriots to dominate in Week 1.

If Newton’s Instagram is any indication, that shouldn’t be a problem. Newton, 31, posted video from his first throwing session with Julian Edelman on Wednesday. Edelman, 34, seemed impressed with his new quarterback.

(Note: There’s some NSFW language in the song used in the video)

Newton reports to camp soon

There’s not much to take away from that video. It’s literally one throw. But it is encouraging to see Newton putting in work with his receivers. Newton has already thrown to Patriots receiver Mohamed Sanu during the offseason.

It won’t be long before Newton has all his pass catchers in the same place. Quarterbacks are set to report to camp July 23. Other players are due July 28, but if that video is any indication, some of Newton’s new receivers might show up early to put in some extra work with their new quarterback.

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