'Calm & measured Thelin comfortable with weight of expectation'

Just over two months after being appointed, new Aberdeen boss Jimmy Thelin has faced the media for the first time.

Since it was confirmed he was heading to Scotland, I have spoken to a number of people in Sweden who all said he will be a success in the Granite City if given time.

And against that backdrop it was interesting hearing Thelin talk about step by step progress - it was very much a ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ approach.

He was calm and measured in what he said, refusing to get drawn into talk of targets for next season, saying it's about the duration of his three-year contract.

But you also got the impression he is going to be meticulous in the day-to-day work which will take the team to where he wants to get it.

While every side has its star players, Thelin gave the message that it is all about the collective rather than the individuals within it.

He is a man aware of the weight of history, expectation and pressure that comes with what is one of Scottish football's top jobs – and from what we saw and heard in his first press conference, he appears to have the mentality and personality to deal with that.

While noting the "potential is really big" at Aberdeen, Thelin was grounded in realism over the work required – and the mood music from the powerbrokers at the club is that he will be given time to turn that potential into reality over the coming years.

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