Bulls predicted to retain DeMar DeRozan in free agency

The Chicago Bulls need to figure out what direction they want to go in this summer. One of the biggest decisions they need to make is whether or not to bring back DeMar DeRozan. Aaron Kellerstrass of Pippen Ain’t Easy believes there is a 90% chance that DeRozan ends up coming back to Chicago next year.

“The Bulls are in a tough situation here, as DeRozan is the heart of the team, their best player and they can’t let him walk for nothing,” Kellerstrass wrote. “But he’s also soon to be 35 years old, so Chicago can’t go crazy with the years in whatever contract they offer him. DeRozan has expressed interest in staying and that seems to be mutual, so I expect them to work out a deal. However, if DeRozan wanted to go chase a ring with a team like Philly, they have cap space and could come sniffing around if they strike out on other targets.

“Unless the Bulls pull off an unlikely sign-and-trade, DeRozan will probably be in Chicago next season.”

Depending on the price, bringing back DeRozan is a pretty “meh” choice for the Bulls.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire