Bulldogs veteran Reynolds apologises for NRL ref spray

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Canterbury veteran Josh Reynolds has apologised for swearing at referee Grant Atkins in the round-nine win over St George Illawarra.

Reynolds lashed out at Atkins at half-time of Sunday's game, claiming it was "bullshit" he had been penalised for illegally applying pressure to Tyrell Sloan's neck as he tackled the fullback minutes earlier.

Known for his dim view of referee abuse, Reynolds was pulled to one side by Atkins for a stern lecture and warned Bulldogs captain Reed Mahoney the utility would be ordered from the field if he misspoke again.

The match review committee originally intended to let the incident slide, but at the urging of NRL CEO Andrew Abdo proposed a grade-one contrary conduct charge and a $1000 fine.

Reynolds accepted the fine on Tuesday morning and regretted setting a poor example for young fans.

"I am really sorry for all the kids that had to hear that," Reynolds told The Big Sports Breakfast.

"It's obviously not a great look. I love being a role-model for the young kids."

Reynolds claimed he had lashed out in self-admonishment for conceding the penalty and had not intended to disrespect the referee.

"Costing my team a penalty like that kills me. Hopefully people can understand that I was fairly riled up," he said.

"I'll be honest and say that I wish I chose my wording a bit better. I really do mean that. One hundred per cent.

"To clear everything up, it wasn't an actual personal attack on the ref. It wasn't about him at all. It was more about the situation.

"I'm sure people can understand that, in the heat of battle, as a player, I'm allowed to ask a question and I'm allowed to have an opinion on that call."

Sydney Roosters playmaker Luke Keary will front the judiciary on Tuesday night after pleading not guilty to making grade-one dangerous contact with the Warriors' Marata Niukore.

He risks his $750 fine being increased to $1000 if found guilty.