Say buh-bye to beige this holiday season, because TikTok says ‘minimalist Christmas’ is out

For years, a soft, stylish neutral decor scheme has dominated social media and HGTV alike, both for the holidays and beyond. And yeah, while white twinkle lights, cream-colored everything, and perhaps a touch of green or gold is undeniably gorgeous, it seems some TikTokers are eschewing that “straight out of a magazine” vibe for a more nostalgic Christmas this holiday season.

“I have decided that I will not be participating in ‘Minimalist Beige Christmas’ this year,” TikTok user Ave declared in a recent video, her face in front of a picture of a modern, minimalist beige holiday setup. “If this is what you like, if this is what you want, good for you, do it, enjoy the hell out of it. It’s not for me. I think this is pretty, I think it’s simple, I don’t think it’s giving enough. Not for me.”

Instead, it seems Ave is hoping to reclaim the over-the-top, kitschy, colorful, nostalgic Christmases of her childhood. “The theme this year is nostalgic early 2000s Christmas. I want all the rainbow lights, I want the mismatched ornaments. I want the random wrapping paper. I want nostalgia. This is the vibe.”

Like so many others, Ave had ditched the bright colors in favor of something more subdued, but this year, she’s returning to her roots, adding, “If you would have told me I was going to do rainbow lights on my house a few years ago, I would have laughed at you, but like I’m obsessed with these. I feel like these are so Christmas. They’re so fun and they just put me in the holiday spirit.”

Ave’s clip quickly racked up more than a million views, with plenty giving their stamp of approval in the comments section of her post. “2000s Christmas feels like home,” wrote one person. “I loved the minimalist Christmas until I had kids, now I want to make sure they experience the Christmas magic I did growing up,” shared another. “My Christmas aesthetic is as tacky as possible and I love it,” added yet another user. “I have a kid now who just turned one and my plan is to make everything as magical as possible. I want her to feel the way I felt as a kid at my nanas,” shared one more.

Even Hallmark is on board with this return to form, writing: “we approve this message



Of course, if you love a more neutral decor scheme, then you should always do what makes you happy. And yes, it will be beautiful no matter what. But if you’re ready to say “buh-bye” to all that beige, plenty of TikTokers are right there with you, friend. Merry and bright, indeed!