Brutal moment MMA fighter attacks man who exposed himself to her

This guy picked the wrong woman to mess with.

Joyce Vieira has been pictured attacking a man after he allegedly exposed himself while she was taking part in a photoshoot.

Vieira was posing for photos in swimwear when she claims the man performed a sex act on himself.

Unfortunately for the man, he probably didn’t realise Vieira is an amateur MMA fighter.

Joyce Vieira attacked the man. Image: Supplied
Joyce Vieira attacked the man. Image: Supplied

And boy did she dish out some brutal punishment.

Photos posted to Twitter show Vieira attacking the man in a rage, showing off her MMA skills.

“When I looked over there he had his shorts down and was standing on a path where people pass all the time, including children,” she said.

Vieira reported the man to police and he was subsequently arrested for committing an “obscene act”, although he simply claims he was urinating.

“We feel powerless,” Vieira said after the man was released.

“It’s very strange because he’s going to be in the same city as me, and who knows he might be in the same places.

“That’s why I have received an innumerable number of messages from women saying that (in similar situations) they didn’t file a report, because they know the suspects would end up being released.

“I think the punishment for these cases should be more severe.”