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Brothers sing ‘Africa’ to their baby sister in perfect harmony

If you’re in need of an instant pick-me-up, one mom’s viral TikTok just might do the trick. In it, three young boys sing a cappella to their baby sister, and their song of choice — “Africa” by Toto — is honestly pitch-perfect. (Pun intended.)

The clip was shared by Kristine Pack (@kristinepack), a mom of seven behind the popular YouTube channel Family Fun Pack. With more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube and another 352,700 followers on TikTok, it’s safe to say that her videos tend to reach a lot of eyeballs. But not all of them have touched as many hearts as this one.

In the clip, three of Pack’s sons belt out “Africa” as one holds their little sister Chloe in his lap. The baby then watches in stunned amazement as her older brothers maintain a well-crafted, three-part harmony.

As it turns out, TikTok has been pretty amazed by it, too — so much so that the clip has 19.7 million views and counting. Viewers also couldn’t help but laugh at the end when the boys abruptly stopped singing and one of them said, “That’s all we know.”

“This is so cuteeee,” one user wrote in the comments.

“Awesome job,” complimented another.

But most people couldn’t stop praising the harmonies in particular.

“How are we not talking about how AMAZING their harmonizing is?!” one person asked. “There are plenty of adults who can’t do that!”

“So do they just say ‘hey mom we are gonna go play!’ And then they come back out with a whole harmony put together perfectly!?” someone else asked. “How did this come about!”

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