'Broken and fractured' - Brown on Sancho's uncertain future

BBC Sport pundit Michael Brown graphic

Jadon Sancho is now in a Champions League final, but yet he wasn't even playing for Manchester United and wasn't in the squad - you knew where that situation was going.

How can it become so broken and so fractured for a player at the club? If he was to now go and lift the Champions League it would be amazing and even more so given his loan to Dortmund wasn't even one where the German club were covering his wages.

In terms of his future, now it is just going to be seeing how the Champions League final goes, seeing which club wants you. There might be another couple of takers too, or Manchester United might decide the future is with them so we will have to wait and see.

It all really depends on the change at United and at the moment it all seems to be heading towards a manager replacement and we can then judge it from there.

What we also have to understand is that Jason Wilcox, who is now the technical director at the club, was a key figure at Manchester City when Jadon left the club as a youngster, so that could also have a key bearing on the situation.

Beyond Sancho, there is going to be a summer of change at the club to see them start trying to get to where they want to be.

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