Brock Purdy Not Thrilled To Be Told He Looks Like Lee Harvey Oswald

Is San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy the victim of a character assassination?

Well, it depends on whether you think he looks like Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Purdy is playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Although it’s one thing to be compared to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Purdy was confronted with an even more bizarre comparison earlier this week.

For some reason, a Kansas City Chiefs fan went on X (formerly Twitter) to point out how much Purdy looks like Oswald, who was killed two days after being arrested in Dallas.

And, yes, there were photos.

Naturally, the post went viral, with people comparing and contrasting the two men.

The reaction to the post led Daily Mail reporter Alex Raskin to ask Purdy about the resemblance during Tuesday’s Super Bowl Media Day.

“Pictures of you and Lee Harvey Oswald [are] circulating around the internet right now. People think you two look alike. Did you hear that before?” Raskin asked.

Purdy said he hadn’t heard about the comparison until Raskin mentioned it but politely hinted he wasn’t thrilled by it.

“Eh, yeah, I don’t — yeah, I don’t know,” a not-exactly-happy Purdy responded.

You can see the exchange below.

Many people shared Purdy’s discomfort with the comparison to a man accused of gunning down a president.

Purdy wasn’t the only one put on the spot with a dumbfounding question.

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid was asked about a right-wing conspiracy theory that tight end Travis Kelce’s girlfriend, superstar Taylor Swift, has conspired with the NFL to use the game as a way to get President Joe Biden reelected.

“That’s way out of my league. Very similar to me speaking German,” he told the German reporter.