British Sheep Rescued After Spending Years Stranded Under Cliff

Geography Photos/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Geography Photos/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A shaggy and disheveled British sheep was finally rescued from the bottom of a Scottish Highlands cliff by a group of farmers after being trapped there for years, The Guardian reported. Jillian Turner spotted the sheep two years ago before coming across the still-trapped animal during a recent trip to the area. Sheep shearer Cammy Wilson organized the rescue operation after reading local coverage of Turner’s pleas for someone to come to its rescue. “She’s in incredible condition. She is about a condition score of about 4.5, she is over-fat, it was some job lifting her up that slope,” Wilson said video posted to Facebook. “She is going to a very special place that a lot of you know very well, where you’ll be able to see her virtually every day.”

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