'The brilliance of Klopp and the brilliance of the journey'

A Jurgen Klopp flag
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Jurgen Klopp's leadership at Liverpool has been "a huge act of togetherness", according to Neil Atkinson from The Anfield Wrap.

"He's managed with emotion all the way through," Atkinson told BBC Radio 5 Live on Saturday, before Klopp's final game in charge of the Reds on Sunday.

"He's harnessed what is an exceptionally emotional place and fanbase from all over the world, and that's been part of the magic of the whole thing.

"It's going to be a sad day at Anfield tomorrow. I think he's going to find himself very upset indeed, but all things must pass. He's got a life to go and live.

"Now we find ourselves at the end of this process and we've all been able to prepare for it for an extended period of time. It's no longer a shock - everyone's known it's on the cards - and we've got tomorrow to celebrate the whole thing and play a game of football."

Asked about his best memories of Klopp's time at Anfield, Atkinson added: "The whole of 2018 was incredible.

"It was the determination, I think. If I could relive one year of my life as a Liverpool supporter, it would be 2018 - despite everything in 2019.

"That was the brilliance of Klopp. It was the brilliance of the journey. There was genuinely no messing around.

"It was the greatest year to be a Liverpool supporter and that was because of Jurgen Klopp."