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Bride shares everything she ate at her ‘almond wedding’ — including a bloat pill — and TikTok has opinions

A “health focused” bride went viral when she shared everything she ate on her wedding day — right down to the bloat pills she served at her sugar-free reception — and TikTok isn’t holding back its thoughts.

In just 23 hours, Sam Cutler, known on TikTok as @thefitfatale, gained over 2.3 million views, 234,000 likes and 3,600 comments when she uploaded her video, captioned “WHAT I ATE ON MY #WEDDINGDAY as a #glutenfree & #dairyfree health focused #bride.”

Now TikTok has dubbed the bride the “Almond mom final boss” — a title previously held by Gwyneth Paltrow, who went viral after sharing her “daily wellness routine” online.

“You asked, so here is everything that I ate on my wedding day,” Sam’s video, posted on May 10, begins.

The influencer then proceeds to document every single gluten- and dairy-free item she had that day, from smoothies and raw veggies with her bridesmaids to sugar-free chocolate cake at her reception.

In addition to a spread of sugar-free candy, guests were invited to enjoy bloat pills, which were provided at every table — something that doesn’t seem to be sitting well with TikTokers.

“Can you imagine going to a wedding and on the tables are anti bloating gummies?! Byyyyeeeeeeeeee,” TikTok user @rachaelwinnie35 commented.

“The bloat pills made me so upset..,” wrote @frasiercrane97.


As Sam counted down to her wedding, she documented her habits, routines, workouts and meals for TikTok — oftentimes tagging brands such as @sociallitevodka, @purformhealth and @ritual.

In her official wedding day video, she calls out the brand as the bloat pills provided to her guests — pills that many influencers and celebrities have recently begun pushing hard across social media.

Pediatric dietitian Kate Killion, who researched the supplement, claims that these trendy new bloat pills are not only overpriced and likely useless, but could also be dangerous to some people's health.

Upon examining the active ingredients found in Arrae's bloat pills, she learned the supplements contain bromelain, an enzyme derived from the stem and fruit of pineapples.

“This ingredient has so many interactions with other drugs. It can influence how effective your antibiotics are, ibuprofen, blood pressure drugs or blood thinners,” she states in her video — facts supported by Healthline.

“Basically, the supplement should come with a warning label.”

She goes on to remind viewers that they should always talk to their doctor before taking any herbal supplements — even those provided at wedding receptions.

In response to Sam’s “health focused” wedding, TikTokers didn’t hold back in the comments.

“Wait is this considered a almond wedding ?!” @madeleinevalenzuela_ wrote.

“Almond mom final boss,” added @dollypartonstan1.

“Almond bride 👰‍♀️” @fleetwood_snacc chimed in.

“This made me sad ❤️” wrote @jamivalzania.

“this is insane,” commented @tescobesc1.

“Girl no… Its your wedding day, ENJOY,” wrote @antsjes.

“Respectfully, as someone who has similar crazy dietary restrictions for health reasons why would you subject your guests to the same thing 😭😭” commented @dee3936.

However, some were on Sam’s side and supported her wedding day dietary choices.

“As someone is has to be GF, and DF, this made me so happy to see you confidently make this work, I know it took so much planning ahead 🫶🏼” commented @lydgre.

“People hating but they have no freaking idea how hard it is to find any kind of food that is gf and df😅 sometimes a veggie platter is the way to go!” added @torthoughts.

“this looks good as hell and easy on the stomach what are y’all on,” wrote @punkreginageorge.

Ultimately, the bride’s wedding day menu is her choice — but hopefully, any wedding guests who consumed Sam’s complimentary bloat pills cleared it with their physician first.

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