Bridal shower guest infuriates bride with her ‘inappropriate’ outfit choice: ‘[She] has every right to be upset’

A man defended his dad’s girlfriend’s outfit against criticism from his own fiancee.

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. His dad’s girlfriend Tiffany was invited to his fiancee’s bridal shower. His fiancee Melissa and her mom disapproved of Tiffany’s outfit. But he didn’t see it as such a big deal.

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“My dad has been dating ‘Tiffany’ for a year and a half,” he said. “She is honestly really annoying. I’m not going to lie. I recently got engaged to my GF of 3 years ‘Melissa’ and we are currently wedding planning. Her mom and MOH recently threw her a bridal shower. As an olive branch Tiffany and my mom were invited. For some background Melissa does struggle with insecurities and self esteem. She is also very very into things being picture perfect, which sometimes results in anxiety.”

“She also hates how the women in my family dress. She totally gets it isn’t her business and she would never say anything, but she has confided to me that she hates it. For the bridal shower most of the women wore sundresses. Tiffany wore something which looked to me like a ruffly crop top and a matching skirt. I thought it looked fine. She did mention she was leaving early because she had plans. During the shower Melissa realized that what Tiffany was wearing was actually a bikini, because the skirt was pretty see through and she could make out the bottoms. she asked her, but tried to laugh it off, and Tiffany admitted it was a bikini, because she was going out on my dad’s boat after and wouldn’t have time to change.”

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“My future MIL asked Tiffany if she found it a bit weird. Tiffany said no, she thought it passed as a crop top. Melissa and her bridesmaids went off and talked about it, and Melissa decided that she was offended, but declined her mom’s offer to kick Tiffany out. When Tiffany was leaving she said goodbye and my fiancée said ‘I hope you had fun, and hope you found the attention you were looking for’ I heard this through my mom, sister, and then Melissa. At this point I was sick of hearing about it and I was annoyed because my mom was trying to make it into a much bigger issue and act like I shouldn’t marry Melissa over it, which I promptly shut down.”

“By the time I talked to Melissa she was heated and calling Tiffany and attention whore and a show off. She asked if my mom had said anything, because I guess my mom was rolling her eyes at her at the shower. I told her I talked to my mom and told her to shut up. Melissa than asked me if i hated tiffany. I said that I don’t hate her, and then I said to be honest I think her outfit was fine. It just looked like a crop top, and if that ruined the day for Melissa, that is something Melissa needs to work on.”

“That upset Melissa and she feels that i was brushing her feelings aside. She said I should talk to my dad, and I told her I wasn’t going to and that is embarrassing. She stormed off and is now refusing to talk about it.”

Redditors thought Tiffany behaved inappropriately.

“A bikini is an inappropriate outfit for a bridal shower unless it was hosted at a beach/pool… Your fiancee has every right to be upset at it,” a user wrote.

“Your dad’s girlfriend wore a bikini to a bridal shower,” another said.

“Wearing a bathing suit to a semi formal affair is just rude,” someone added.

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