Brenda Edwards pays tribute to son Jamal on what would have been his 33rd birthday

Jamal and Brenda Edwards  (Getty)
Jamal and Brenda Edwards (Getty)

Brenda Edwards has paid tribute to her late son, music figure Jamal Edwards, on what would have been his 33rd birthday.

Edwards, the highly-acclaimed founder of SBTV who helped launch the careers of Ed Sheeran, Jessie J and Dave, died at the age of 31 in February 2022.

His cause of death was later confirmed as a cardiac arrest.

On Thursday, Edwards’s mother - Loose Women star Brenda - paid tribute to her only son’s passing, sharing a photo montage on social media.

The montage included a series of photos of Edwards as a child and at significant moments throughout his life - including meeting members of royalty when receiving an MBE. The series of images was backed with Ed Sheeran’s song Eyes Closed, which was written for the star.

Singer Edwards wrote: “33 years ago today I had the pleasure of becoming your proud mummy.

“You showered me with a beautiful smile, a big heart, lots of laughs and many wise words.

“I miss you so deeply, I just can’t describe, but I know you’re watching over me and Nishee like always, just next to Mum and Dad.

“Blessed Heavenly Birthday my sweet beautiful baby Jamal. I love you always and forever.”

Sheeran has often spoken about the devastating impact Edwards’ death has had on him. Much of his latest album, Subtract, is about grief and dealing with his loss.

Edwards has previously confirmed Sheeran spent a week with the family following her son’s death.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain as the anniversary of her son’s death approaches, 53-year-old Edwards spoke about Sheeran’s upcoming song, which he has dedicated to Jamal.

“Ed sent me the final edit two days ago and I’ve kind of been in and out of crying ever since,” she said.

Ed Sheeran and Jamal Edwards (Ed Sheeran)
Ed Sheeran and Jamal Edwards (Ed Sheeran)

Jamal gained fame after setting up the music platform SBTV in 2006 and was credited with helping to launch a string of UK music acts to stardom.

The singer went on to explain how Sheeran, 31, has supported her and her daughter Tanisha since Jamal’s death, saying: “Going back to Ed, when Jamal passed he was literally at my house with me and Tanisha for a whole week just looking after us.

“There wasn’t anything that he wasn’t sorting out and doing if we needed anything, and everybody has been so so wonderful and so supportive.”

Shortly after Jamal’s death, Sheeran shared an Instagram post of the younger-looking pair with the caption: “I haven’t posted anything coz I can’t find the words, I can’t reply coz I don’t know what to say.

“Jamal is my brother. His light shone so bright.

“He only used it to illuminate others and never asked for anything in return.

“A star’s light shines for millions of years after they go, and his will continue to light up every dark moment, we are all witnessing his power.

“I would not be here without him, professionally and personally.

“There will never be anything close to what he is, but I’m so grateful to have existed within his orbit. My brother, come on.”