Breaking down all of “The Masked Singer” season 11 clues

Breaking down all of “The Masked Singer” season 11 clues

Can you figure out which famous face is under each mask?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Masked Singer season 11.

Another Masked Singer season means another batch of clue packages to sift and sort through.

The hit singing-celebrities-in-disguise show is back for its 11th season, and just like all of the seasons before it, EW will be keeping track of all of the clues, the hints given on stage, songs performed, and the judges' guesses each week to help you (and us, let's be real) figure out who is under each mask.

Without further ado, here's everything you need to know about each of the season 11 contestants introduced so far. Can you figure out who's under the mask before they get revealed?

<p>Michael Becker / FOX</p> Poodle Moth

Michael Becker / FOX

Poodle Moth

Who is Poodle Moth?

Clues for Poodle Moth:

  • “If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what a poodle moth is, and would you believe that only one has ever been found in the world? Luckily getting discovered once is all you need,” she says to start the first clue package

  • She was always “drawn to the flame” but thought the bright lights were never meant for her — she told herself she wasn’t pretty enough or funny enough or talented enough

  • “So, I took a step back and helped others achieve their dreams”

  • She loved that but desperately wanted to spread her own wings

  • “If I could just take that first step, the light I thought was so impossible to find would be one step closer, so, I took the leap and I was discovered”

  • She learned she was “one of a kind”

  • A full moon, a street lamp that lights up as she walks by it, a black cowboy hat, a book with an American flag on it, a collection of candles, and floating lanterns over a bustling skyline all appear in the first clue package

  • “In my life, I was raised to know one thing: Sometimes, the ones you love most leave without so much as a letter. My dad left a hole in my heart that I never have filled,” she says to start the second package

  • She says she’d send him letters but always got “return to sender” in reply, each one “breaking [her] heart”

  • “If the one person whose only job is to love you won’t, then who will?”

  • One day she wrote a letter to herself to realize she was worthy of being loved

  • Says she’s learned to use her talents to help other kids looking for answers like she was

  • “I’m writing my own story and tonight I’ve chosen a theme song that reminds me of the beauty of what’s still to come”

  • A lighthouse, letters to her father with “return to sender” stamped on them, a watercolor picture of a cat, theater masks, a note that says “you are enough,” a clipboard, and a jar of fireflies all appear in the second clue package

  • What does singing in the shower do for her? “Music has always been my therapy. And while some people sing pop hits in the shower for fun, I use it as a time for total emotional release. And I let the tears fall when I sing.”

  • For instance, she says, “Like when my family sold my childhood home — that house was filled with some pretty tumultuous memories”

  • Growing up was “tough” and “there was so much sadness within those walls” that she dreamed of leaving it

  • But, “when it came time to clean out the kitchen, repaint the hallway” she felt like a part of her was gone because that was “the house that built me, for better or worse”

  • Says Poodle Moth: “Living there taught me resilience, and now I try to lock the doors on the negative memories and open windows to positivity. And thanks to a few good shower cries, I know I can push through to begin each day confident and free.”

  • A bathtub, a storybook featuring a house with a sign out front that says “3” on it, a book called “An Extraordinary Moth,” and a palm frond/fan all appear in the third clue package

On stage:

  • First performance: “Just the Way You Are” by Billy Joel

  • Billy Joel Night clue: A baseball with the word “Opry” on it. Of it, she says, “I felt like a big shot when I performed at the Grand Ole Opry.”

  • Second performance: “Unwritten,” theme song from The Hills

  • TV Theme Night clue: Gilmore Girls theme song, “Where You Lead.” Of it, she says, “I have a very special connection to Gilmore Girls that hits very close to home.”

  • Third performance: “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert

  • Shower Anthems Night clue: Soap on a rope that says “Robin.” Of it, she says, “Robin, working with your dad — ugh I’m gonna cry — is part of one of the biggest moments of my career in my life.”

Judges' guesses for Poodle Moth: Trisha Yearwood, Wynonna Judd, Rita Wilson, Melissa McCarthy, Lauren Graham, Connie Britton, Sharon Stone, Brooke Shields, Shania Twain

<p>Michael Becker / FOX</p> Clock

Michael Becker / FOX


Who is Clock?

Clues for Clock:

  • “I’m delighted being here on Billy Joel Night, because let’s face it, we’re both timeless. Once upon a time I was the belle of the ball. I had the whole world dancing from dusk till dawn,” she says to start the first clue package

  • She’s shown twirling with a baby doll in her arms

  • Everyone knew her but trends changed and she felt “frozen in time”

  • “So, this queen reinvented herself and I achieved massive success again on my own terms, with the crowning achievement of performing for a president”

  • Like the Piano Man says, she’s gonna sing a song tonight and the others better watch out: “Your time is about to be up!”

  • A disco ball, a baby doll, a clock frozen at approximately 6:02, and a golden globe all appear in the first clue package

  • “In my life, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. Just like any good TV series, I’ve laughed and I’ve cried, and thank goodness, I’ve always been renewed,” she says to start the second package

  • But it’s her “positive outlook” that’s carried her “season to season”

  • For instance: When she was “broke” she appreciated the “free things” in life, when her car wouldn’t start, she’d look forward to a walk, and even though her marriages didn’t work out, something great still came from it — "my beautiful children,” she says

  • “I’ve learned there will always be good times and bad, and now let’s keep the good things rolling all the way to the Group C finale”

  • Pictures of Clock laughing and crying, a newspaper story that says “Clock renewed! It’s always her time to shine,” a map of the Mississippi River Trail, a piggy bank, a motor, a picture of her with two kids, and four clocks moving in unison all appear in the second clue package

  • “I’m honored to be in the Group C finale, because in my line of work, we love a curtain call — in this case, a shower curtain call,” she says to start the third clue package

  • What does she sing in the shower? “There’s something about the shower that gives me the courage to belt out the biggest diva hits of all time, and let me tell ya, I’ve been amongst them.”

  • Says she was nominated for “one of the most prestigious awards” against the likes of Aretha Franklin and Natalie Cole

  • She didn’t think she’d win though so she stayed in and cleaned the kitchen floor instead, but then, she won

  • “I gave my acceptance speech to the mop instead of to millions — can you imagine?”

  • “When it’s your time to shine, you better show up and respect yourself” — a nod to Aretha Franklin

  • A bright pink blanket, a peacock lamp, a t-shirt with a “sweet” heart on it, a platinum record, an alarm clock that says “wake up,” and a mop all appear in the third package

On stage:

  • First performance: “Piano Man” by Billy Joel

  • Billy Joel Night clue: The song “Vienna” played on piano. Of it, she says, “Well, ‘Vienna’ is all about seizing the day. And I actually have a day in my name.”

  • Second performance: “Good Times,” theme song from Good Times

  • TV Theme Night clue: A steamship with hearts on it. Of it, she says, “Love and boat, two things that combine to make a hit — something I know firsthand.”

  • Third performance: “Respect” by Aretha Franklin

  • Shower Anthems Night clue: A rubber ducky that says “Nick.” Of it, she says, “Well, Nicholas, this isn’t the first time you’ve trusted me.”

Judges' guesses for Clock: Anita Baker, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Diana Ross, Stephanie Mills, Debbie Allen, Janet Jackson, Deniece Williams

<p>Michael Becker / FOX</p> Gumball

Michael Becker / FOX


Who is Gumball?

Clues for Gumball:

  • “Just like The Tin Man, my heart took quite a beating, because my yellow brick road to success came with zero direction,” he says to start the first clue package

  • He knew he wanted to be on stage but didn’t know how to make that happen, so he did “anything and everything to get an audience”

  • He’s shown picking up a red star and moving it

  • This included beatboxing on the street, performing at theme parks, and he even got booed off the stage during a competition for winning

  • Watched everyone else succeed but refused to quit because “no one was going to burst my bubble”

  • “Like a lot of us in Hollywood, I needed a little timing and a lot of luck, but look, I’m proof that even if your road isn’t paved with gold, as long as your heart is, you’ll find your way”

  • A sign for the American South with a heart on it, a drum set and guitar, a giant black spider on a red and white mushroom, and a horse drawn carriage inside of a bubble all appear in the first clue package

On stage:

  • First performance: “If I Only Had a Heart” by Jack Haley and “Heartbeat Song” by Kelly Clarkson

  • Who is he inspired by in The Wizard of Oz? “Well, for me, it’s The Tin Man. When you met him, he was a little rusty, maybe just like me.”

  • Wizard of Oz Night clue: A heart clock. Of it, he says, “Deep down, at the end of the day, Tin Man always had the heart of a superhero, and I actually might, too.”

Judges' guesses for Gumball: Chace Crawford, Kevin Jonas, Jamie Dornan

<p>Michael Becker / FOX</p> Miss Cleocatra

Michael Becker / FOX

Miss Cleocatra

Who is Miss Cleocatra?

Clues for Miss Cleocatra:

  • “Are you a good witch or a bad witch? It’s taken me some time to figure that out,” she says to start the first clue package

  • Says “long ago, I was living life in technicolor, but I always worried the empire I built could all crumble beneath me”

  • She says her days were “horribly split” and she went from “glorious rainbows” to “horrendous black and white”

  • Miss Cleocatra was considered a national treasure but she felt wicked instead

  • “That’s when I got the diagnosis I never wanted but so desperately needed, and suddenly, everything became crystal clear”

  • She’s glad she reached out for help because now she knows she’s the good witch after all

  • An hourglass, a sign for Bel-Air, a sign for “Vacay!”, a symbol of triangles within a triangle, a black bird, and a tiara all appear in the first clue package

On stage:

  • First performance: “Stormy Weather” by Etta James

  • Who is she inspired by in The Wizard of Oz? “I am the Good Witch!”

  • Wizard of Oz Night clue: A silver wand with a star on it. Of it, she says, “I’ve already worked my magic on an Emmy Award-winning show.”

Judges' guesses for Miss Cleocatra: Taraji P. Henson, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Loretta Devine

<p>Michael Becker / FOX</p> Beets

Michael Becker / FOX


Who is Beets?

Clues for Beets:

  • “There’s no place like home, and wouldn't we know it. Home for us has been wherever we’re together, and for a moment, we had millions of eyes on us. Yeah, 40 million of them,” they say to start the first clue package

  • They say the world tried to pit them against each other but they’ve always had each other’s back: “Of course, we’re family”

  • Between “his big ole brain” and “his unbeatable heart” they work well together

  • “Guess all we need now is to find the nerve to turn up together on this stage. It will be like going back to our roots”

  • One of them is “feisty”

  • An old timey radio, a gift-wrapped copy of a book titled “Beeting the Odds,” a 2 of hearts card, and a box of red apples all appear in the first clue package

On stage:

  • First performance: “Home” by Michael Bublé

  • Who are they inspired by in The Wizard of Oz? “I think because of our loyalty as friends, Dorothy and Toto.”

  • Wizard of Oz Night clue: Toto. Of it, they say, “Like Toto and Dorothy, we are the best of friends, and we’re pretty good costars, too.”

Judges' guesses for Beets: Will Arnett and Jason Bateman, K-Ci & JoJo, Steve Martin and Martin Short

<p>Michael Becker / FOX</p> Goldfish on 'The Masked Singer'

Michael Becker / FOX

Goldfish on 'The Masked Singer'

Who is Goldfish?

Clues for Goldfish:

  • “It’s o-fish-al, you finally caught me in the Masked Singer net. When I first started out, I made a splash overnight, but all that success made me feel like I was living in a fishbowl,” she says to start the first clue package

  • Goldfish had everyone’s “eyes and expectations” on her

  • She’s shown posing for cameras but then runs away from it

  • She says she could play it safe or dive into “deeper, darker, edgier waters” — she took the risk

  • “I swam against the current and broke the mold, and to this day still love to keep people guessing — that’s why I am here”

  • Says Hollywood can “be a little soul-sucking” so she’s proud she’s kept her head on her shoulders

  • Paparazzi camera flashes, a jar of hearts, a spinning ship’s wheel, two lip prints (or kisses), a glass slipper, and the Golden Mask trophy all appear in the first clue package

  • “Sometimes the most transformative moments are actually breakups. I always thought I would be married young, like my mom, but dating in Hollywood is hard, and this Goldfish wasn’t always lucky,” she says to start the second clue package

  • She had to see her ex everywhere and their run-ins were turned into TikToks

  • She says it forced her to “reflect” and “learn what I actually need”

  • “Now here is a song for anyone who has ever got their heart broken, but if the lyrics cut deep, take it from me, there are plenty of fish in the sea”

  • A Christmas snowglobe, a vampire bat hanging from a tree, and her reflection in a koi pond all appear in the second clue package

  • Why does this mean so much to you? “I really try to appreciate every moment because I’ve learned that life comes in waves. I had just gotten a dream role, but the night before my debut, I received the worst news I could have ever imagined: I lost my No. 1 supporter. Nothing could have prepared me for that.”

  • She felt like she couldn’t move, but then she remembered no one enjoyed watching her perform more than the person she lost

  • “So, I reached down inside and found the courage to take that stage, and I performed for the one seat that wasn’t filled”

  • She says it was heartbreaking but beautiful to honor this person — a true “show must go on” moment

  • A map of an island with a question mark in the middle, a picture of what looks like Goldfish’s dad, a wizard’s hat, and a poster for Goldfish with a giant rose in the center all appear in the third clue package

On stage:

  • First performance: “Vampire” by Olivia Rodrigo

  • Onstage clue: A gold record. Of it, she says, “Let the record show that gold is my lucky color.”

  • Second performance: “Baby Come Back” by Player

  • Transformers Night clue: Bumblebee says, “A true performer, Goldfish famously poured their heart and soul and tears into her work.”

  • Third performance: “The Show Must Go On” by Queen

  • Queen Night clue: Galileo with a scroll with Ken Jeong’s name on it. Of it, she says, “Well, Ken, you’re ridiculous, and you have so much heart and I love it so much — you obviously haven’t changed since the last time we worked together.”

Judges' guesses for Goldfish: Hilary Duff, Lucy Hale, Lea Michele, Selena Gomez, Carly Rae Jepsen, Sarah Hyland, Kristen Stewart, Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens

<p>Michael Becker / FOX</p> Starfish on 'The Masked Singer'

Michael Becker / FOX

Starfish on 'The Masked Singer'

Who is Starfish?

Clues for Starfish:

  • “I heard you guys were having a career party, so I threw on a bathing suit and came right over. When I first started out, I was serving steaks to the stars with nothing to my name,” she says to start the first clue package

  • Says she rubbed elbows with Steve Martin and Whitney Houston but all she heard was “check, please!”

  • Then, she got the gig of a lifetime: “One that would make my name known worldwide”

  • Now she has it all and she can afford it, she says

  • “So trust that your ‘yes’ is coming, or just find a rich sugar mama like me to mooch off of”

  • A cup of office supplies, photos of Steve Martin and Whitney Houston, a sign that says “No shirt, no shoes, no starfish” on it with a four-leaf clover, a bottle of “PA’s Sunscreen” with Pennsylvania on the logo, a stuffed doll, and lots of “masked bucks” of money all appear in the first clue package

  • “Growing up, while other kids played in the sandbox, I played with the jukebox. That machine transformed my life! It opened my ears to Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, and of course, Green Day,” she says to start the second clue package

  • It inspired her to join a band, she even toured the nation

  • But she’s been “lucky” to “dabble in many tidepools” — “this Starfish is versatile, baby!”

  • “If those robotic things can turn into lots of different stuff, so can I! Here I come, guns a-blazing!”

  • A jukebox, records for Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac and Green Day, a fishbowl labeled “Teacher’s Lounge,” a goldfish, a neon sign that says “Live” on it, and a Starfish merch stand all appear in the second clue package

  • How do you handle pressure? “After my two best gal pals got my dream job, the pressure was on for me to become a star on my own. And then I get this call to step in on something else, to replace someone who got fired. That first day on the job, I felt like my every move was being scrutinized, but this was my chance!”

  • Nothing was going to stop her, she put her spin on things, and it worked

  • “Looking back, I’m glad I was able to perform under pressure and that’s exactly what I’m going to do tonight”

  • A rotary phone, a telescope with 3 different planets on it, a white stuffed rabbit, and a desk bell all appear in the third clue package

On stage:

  • First performance: “Material Girl” by Madonna

  • Onstage clue: A clock that says “50 billion” on it. Of it, she says, “I’ve been streamed over 50 billion minutes and that was just in one year.”

  • Second performance: “21 Guns” by Green Day

  • Transformers Night clue: Optimus Prime says, “A true teammate, Starfish has earned awards as part of a talented group.”

  • Third performance: “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie

  • Queen Night clue: A magician reveals a card with Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg’s name on it. Of it, she says, “Jenny, last time we hung out, I offered you tickets to my show. You can consider this one on the house, too.”

Judges' guesses for Starfish: Catherine O'Hara, Cheri Oteri, Molly Shannon, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Kate McKinnon, Amy Schumer, Kate Flannery, Lisa Kudrow

<p>Michael Becker / FOX</p> Ugly Sweater on 'The Masked Singer'

Michael Becker / FOX

Ugly Sweater on 'The Masked Singer'

Who is Ugly Sweater?

Clues for Ugly Sweater:

  • “When I hit the scene as a young, handsome Ugly Sweater, I was the epitome of style on top of the world,” he says to start the first clue package

  • But he lost focus and his “whole world unraveled”

  • A blue train almost hits him

  • He went from living in “penthouses” to “sleeping on park benches” and his life was “hanging on by a thread”

  • But he started fighting to reclaim his voice when he hit rock bottom and realized he needed to change

  • “Now I’m back on top, better than before. So I’m gonna win that trophy for all the people who helped me get back on my feet to live a life that’s simply the best”

  • A blue train, a rabbit in a hat, a rainstorm, a newspaper with the headline “Ugly Sweater Is Unraveling,” a black old-school alarm clock with the hands at 2 and 8, and a blue record on a record player all appear in the first clue package

  • “There’s one person in my life who helped me tap into my inner Optimus Prime: my wife. When I met my soulmate, we couldn't be more opposite. My life was unraveling and hers was all buttoned up,” he says to start the second clue package

  • He was on top of the charts and she didn’t know who he was

  • “Sometimes unlikely pairings just work together like plaids and stripes. She built me up one brick at a time and now I’m gonna get down with a fun song just for my sweater half”

  • A sign for a “Crochet Couture” sale with his wife on it, an airplane on top of a pile of clothes, a stop sign with a slash through it, and a price tag that has a tire and fire on it all appear in the second clue package

  • Queen is timeless. Is that something you relate to? “They say what’s old is new again, and I say no! I’ve been recycled and upcycled more times than I can count. Inspired everyone from Snoop Dogg to Nirvana. Talk about a fashion statement! I even worked with the legendary Tupac — I like to keep that tidbit in my pocket”

  • He’s influenced “a certain circle of stars” by doing his own thing

  • “As a sweater who was once tossed aside, getting to the quarterfinals would show you can always break free from anything, whether it’s your past, your dirty laundry or your skinny jeans”

  • Just do what you love like it’s going out of style, he advises

  • A pink pool floatie, the pray hands emoji, a 24k gold bar, the crying emoji, and an assortment of laundry all appear in the third clue package

On stage:

  • First performance: “The Best” by Tina Turner

  • Onstage clue: An orange sweater with googly eyes and the word “featuring” on it. Of it, he says, “Ugly Sweater is always in style, that must be why the biggest stars want to work with me.”

  • Second performance: “Brick House” by Commodores

  • Transformers Night clue: Bumblebee says, “The Ugly Sweater spends his time wisely. So much so that he even has a Lifetime Achievement award.”

  • Third performance: “I Want to Break Free” by Queen

  • Queen Night clue: Two bikes with Nick Cannon’s name on them. Of it, he says to the host, “I’ll never forget giving you dating advice, and honestly, you didn’t forget either.”

Judges' guesses for Ugly Sweater: Aaron Neville, Ronald Isley, Eddie Levert, Charlie Wilson, Nile Rodgers, Verdine White, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Al Green

<p>Michael Becker/FOX</p>

Michael Becker/FOX

Who is Koala?

Clues for Koala:

  • “Ah the Koala, he’s cute, but can also be extremely defensive. Let’s get closer,” a wildlife documentarian says to start the first clue package

  • “Don’t worry, I don’t bite. I’m actually kind of shy. When I first started out, I wasn’t super star material. I avoided interviews, and if you put me on the spot I’d forget my words,” Koala tells us

  • Wanna know how to make Koala disappear? “Point a camera at me”

  • He broke out with his first hit and he was forced to speak up, and everything changed: “Now, you can’t get me to shut up”

  • “Just like Bumblebee it took me a while to find my voice, but I’ve learned when you raise it up, you can rule the world”

On stage:

  • First performance: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears

  • Transformers Night clue: Optimus Prime says, “I’m wondering myself [who this is]. I’ve never seen such a majestic animal, let alone a Koala. Now for his clue: He’s on a shortlist with some of the greatest of all time.””

Judges' guesses for Koala: Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders, Terry Crews, Shannon Sharpe

Koala Unmasked: DeMarcus Ware

<p>Fox</p> Lovebird on 'The Masked Singer'


Lovebird on 'The Masked Singer'

Who is Lovebird?

Clues for Lovebird:

  • “It is so fitting that I’m a Lovebird, because what can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic. Every decision I’ve made in my life has been because of love — either hoping to find it or the fear of losing it,” he says to start the first clue package

  • Says love makes him do wild things

  • “Ok, moving on,” he says after a wedding cake without a bride is shown

  • He always follows his heart and ended up in front of “millions”

  • “I even won awards for being so lovable”

  • But his proudest achievement is finally finding someone to “nest with”

  • Says he’s not a singer, but he’s wanted to do the show for many seasons

  • A pink, yellow, and orange heart shape in a pool, a wedding cake with only a groom on it, a watch with “#1” on it, a bird trophy for “most lovable,” two dice with 3 and 2 on them, and bellinis all appear in the first clue package

  • “As a kid, I was obsessed [with Transformers]. I loved that Transformers robots can hide in plain sight, and I know exactly how that feels. The world got to know me as somebody I wasn’t, but I was celebrated, so I ran with it,” he says to start the second clue package

  • His package is framed like a camcorder recording

  • But eventually he had to “escape the cage [he] was trapped in” and the truth set him free

  • Since, he has tried to use his voice “for good,” helping people “from courthouses to White Houses”

  • He says “let me be a reminder — don’t hide, share all that you are”

  • A film camera with “24/7” on it, golden popcorn, a view of Washington, D.C., at sunset, a romantic picnic setup, and birdcages all appear in the second clue package

On stage:

  • First performance: “Home” by Phillip Phillips

  • Onstage clue: An old timey TV that says “leading man.” Of it, he says, “I may make for a great Lovebird, but you know I’m even better as a leading man.”

  • Second performance: “All That You Are” by Goo Goo Dolls

  • Transformers Night clue: Optimus Prime says, “Lovebird has made television history before and he is looking to do that again by winning the Golden Mask.”

Judges' guesses for Lovebird: Travis Kelce, Odell Beckham Jr., Nick Viall, The Situation, Colton Underwood, Dwayne Johnson, Josh Duhamel

Lovebird Unmasked: Colton Underwood

<p>Michael Becker / FOX</p>

Michael Becker / FOX

Who is Lizard?

Clues for Lizard:

  • “Some people might label me a ladies’ man, the bad boy type in Billy Joel songs, but that’s not the real me, and despite some of my better known hits, I tend to see people for who they are on the inside,” he says to start the first clue package

  • He’s shown using a wrench on the underside of a car

  • When he met the love of his life, she was “the definition of an Uptown Girl” and he was a downtown boy that was “smitten”

  • But, years later, she was “fed up of my superstar shenanigans” and threatened to leave

  • He had a premonition that she was pregnant and she was, so he promised to change

  • “Now my whole world is about being a good husband and a cool dad, and what’s cooler than showing up on my family’s favorite show?”

  • A pop culture gossip show called “TMS” with the words “Live, Laugh, Lizard” on the chyron, a heart-shaped lollipop, a crab on top of a cupcake, a red Christmas ornament with a lizard on it, a race car bed with an egg tucked in it, and a “Mskd Sngr” license plate all appear in the first clue package

  • “As a little lizard, I loved cartoons so much that I spent all my days drawing them. I got so good I was offered a dream job at a huge animation studio — yeah, the mouse was chasing this lizard,” he says to start the second package

  • Lizard is shown drawing a self-portrait

  • His dad begged him to do it but he knew he had to be a performer, so he “took the riskier road to stardom”

  • His dad “was shook” but it lit a fire in him to prove he could do it

  • “When I became one of the most recognizable reptiles on the planet, he was so proud”

  • He may not do animation but he sure does “draw in a crowd”

  • A hand drawn self-portrait, a wall of clocks, a photo of his dad, an unsigned contract with Reptile Animation Studio, a Lizard doll, and cowboy boots next to cans of gasoline all appear in the second clue package

  • What does he sing in the shower? “I go full emo, I’m talking the anthem of troubled teens everywhere. Before I could even drive, I was living two lives — I got straight As in school, but after school, I was running the streets with a bad crowd.”

  • He’s shown standing next to season 4’s Dragon, a.k.a. Busta Rhymes

  • Says he saw “the inside of a jail cell more than once”

  • He took a long look in the mirror and realized “that thug life” wasn’t for him

  • From then on, he went in a different direction and “cleaned up” his act, even though he never forgot “those dark days” or the “wake-up call” he “desperately needed”

  • A locker room, a thermometer inside of a locker that reads “zero degrees,” a mirror, and a picture of Justin Timberlake all appear in the third package

On stage:

  • First performance: “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel

  • Billy Joel Night clue: A postcard that says “billboards” on it. Of it, he says, “I’ve had a No. 1 billboard and I’m not talking about Times Square.”

  • Second performance: “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?,” theme song from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

  • TV Theme Night clue: A “Scooby” Great Dane. Of it, he says, “A dog actually helped me reach an even bigger audience.”

  • Third performance: “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence

  • Shower Anthems Night clue: A gold loofah that says “Rita.” Of it, he says, “Rita, I’m honored to say, we both have won the same out-of-this-world award.”

Judges' guesses for Lizard: Michael Bivins, all members of New Edition, Ray J, Sisqó, D'Angelo

Lizard Unmasked: Sisqó

<p>Michael Becker/FOX</p>

Michael Becker/FOX

Who is Sir Lion?

Clues for Sir Lion:

  • “Every good night of television needs a twist, so what better role for me to play than the wildcard. Like the king of the jungle, I come from a well-known pride but never took it for granted,” he says to start the first clue package

  • Says he jumped through hoops to become a ringleader in Hollywood, rubbing elbows with everyone from Tom Cruise to Tom Hanks

  • “In show business, the higher you climb, the harder you fall. Luckily, lions are fierce and I’ve landed on my feet no matter what this town throws my way”

  • In Hollywood, “success and struggle go together like a horse and carriage”

  • An old-timey radio, circus tickets, an anchor, a hula hoop, Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks photos, a hot air balloon with Jerry Seinfeld on it, a photo of Rockefeller plaza, and a cannon all appear in the first clue package

On stage:

  • First performance: “Love and Marriage,” theme song from Married…With Children

  • TV Theme Night clue: A Flintstone’s bone that says co-star. Of it, he says, “I wasn’t in a cartoon but I’ve costarred on a different TV show with Betty Rubble.”

Judges' guesses for Sir Lion: Anderson Cooper, Ryan Seacrest, Andy Cohen, Seth Meyers

Sir Lion Unmasked: Billy Bush

<p>Michael Becker/FOX</p>

Michael Becker/FOX

Who is Spaghetti & Meatballs?

Clues for Spaghetti & Meatballs:

  • “Buongiorno! It’s me, Spaghetti & Meatballs. Throughout my career, I’ve worn many different hats searching for a life that’s full of flavor,” he says to start the first clue package

  • He started out on Wall Street chasing “the mighty dollar”

  • But when it got “stale” he raced after the “dough instead in a whole new industry”

  • Eventually he mastered “the secret recipe to success”

  • He’s shown clinking together salt and pepper shakers

  • Biggest lesson he’s learned: You don’t want to die young in a path you don’t love

  • So “spice things up” and the “pastabilities are endless”

  • He’s shown twirling pasta and on a gondola

  • A chef’s hat on a bench, a sign for “banca,” a breadstick, a red sports car toy, the Italian flag, salt and pepper, and a plate of pasta all appear in the first clue package

On stage:

  • First performance: “Only the Good Die Young” by Billy Joel

  • Billy Joel Night clue: A giant pizza with the word “showtime” on it. Of it, he says, “I spend a good portion of my time on a hit show.”

Judges' guesses for Spaghetti & Meatballs: Gordon Ramsay, Guy Fieri, Stanley Tucci, Bobby Flay

Spaghetti & Meatballs Unmasked: Joe Bastianich

<p>Michael Becker / FOX</p>

Michael Becker / FOX

Who is Afghan Hound?

Clues for Afghan Hound:

  • “Just like the Lion, every single day I tell myself to be brave. When I was young, I would dream about what life could be like over the rainbow,” she says to start the first clue package

  • “And for my family and I, the dreams we dared to dream came true. Best of all we were together – until recently”

  • She says it was like “our whole house came crashing down,” and she found herself alone, lost, and “left to pick up the pieces”

  • But she wasn’t built to break, and kept going and laughing through the pain

  • She knows she’s not a singer, but says, “I want to make my family smile from afar, and that’s what’s giving me the courage to take this stage tonight”

  • A shark tooth necklace, a clothesline, a shirt with her face on it, a TV screen with her family together on it, a house key, a field of poppies, and a rainbow all appear in the first clue package

On stage:

  • First performance: “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens

  • Who is she inspired by in The Wizard of Oz? “I would have to say the Cowardly Lion.”

  • Wizard of Oz Night clue: A badge of courage. Of it, she says, “Like the Lion, it takes courage to be on TV, especially with the characters of my family.”

Judges' guesses for Afghan Hound: Bethenny Frankel, Sistine Stallone, Olivia Jade, Brooke Hogan

Afghan Hound Unmasked: Savannah Chrisley

<p>Michael Becker / FOX</p> Book on 'The Masked Singer'

Michael Becker / FOX

Book on 'The Masked Singer'

Who is Book?

Clues for Book:

  • “Of course I’m the Book! I have stories for days and a vocabulary that’s really — what’s the word? Good! And I owe it all to my ma,” he says to start the first clue package

  • Says his brother was a “troublemaker, a real crime novel,” so his mother had to “lay down the law on me”

  • This made him “good at everything — from school to sports”

  • But when it came to performing he was “abhorrent,” but he believed in himself: “And these days, I’m a bestseller, making over $4 billion at the box office — that’s a lot of paper”

  • Says he’s singing a song from last season’s champion with a mission to impress “one special friend”

  • The “crime” section of a library, a detective badge, a book called “Animals 101,” a neon sign for “Open Mic Night,” and a ghost all appear in the first clue package

On stage:

  • First performance: “So Sick” by Ne-Yo

  • Onstage clue: None (because he unmasks himself)

Judges' guesses for Book: None (because he unmasks himself)

Book Unmasked: Kevin Hart

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