Breakdancing debutant Michel Pereira's sensational KO wows UFC

What a way to start your UFC career.

Brazilian fighter Michel Pereira’s first fight in the big show will go down as one of the most memorable debuts in UFC history.

The flamboyant 25-year-old knocked out welterweight Danny Roberts in just two minutes, putting on a show before and after the fight.

After evidently working extremely hard to make it at UFC level, Pereira paused on his way to the ring, and could be seen crying shortly before entering.

If anyone was worried emotions would get the better of the fiesty fighter, his flashy entrance to the ring quickly put those doubts to rest.

Pereira showed off his agility with a surprising and impressive array of breakdancing moves, before getting ready to face Roberts.

Once the first round was underway, it was clear Roberts would have his hands full trying to control the Brazilian.

Pereira pursued his opponent relentlessly, leaping off the side of the cage and taking several wild shots.

Brazilian UFC fighter Michel Pereira lands a huge flying knee on Danny Roberts: Credit: UFC Europe

Eventually the Brazilian connected, a flying knee opening Roberts’ defence enough for Pereira to land a crushing knockout blow.

If the response to the fight is anything to go by, Pereira will quickly become a fan favourite in the UFC.