Brady to remember NFL game in Munich

NFL superstar Tom Brady has stressed that the league's first regular season game in Germany will have a special place in his memory.

"I told all my teammates that you're not going to necessarily remember every game you play in your whole career, but these ones, you do remember. They're very special," Brady said ahead of his Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

"Just to go to another place and have an experience like this...When I'm older, I'll be thinking about practising in that stadium right there and then going to play in Allianz Arena, which is amazing."

Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl winner, said he has never been to Germany before and that he's definitely coming back

"Football has brought me a lot of places in life and it's brought me to Germany now," the quarterback said.

Last year, the American football player announced his retirement earlier this year only to return after 40 days.

His Buccaneers team are not going through their brightest moment but lead the NFC South with a 4-5 record, and Brady has no regrets.

"I don't really regret those types of things - I think when I commit to it, I mean it and I do my best and try to give everything I can to this particular opportunity," he said.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers strengthened their grip on first place in the NFC South as they survived a fourth-quarter fightback from the Seattle Seahawks to prevail 21-16 in Munich.

It was the NFL's first-ever regular season game in Germany. Three other games are planned to take place in Munich and Frankfurt in the next three years. Previously, NFL games had already been played in London.