'Embarrassing': Former UFC fighter gets Jake Paul tattoo after loss

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Tyrone Woodley appeared to get a tattoo (pictured right) with Jake Paul's name and (pictured left) Jake Paul after a boxing fight.
Tyrone Woodley appeared to get a tattoo (pictured right) with Jake Paul's name on it after the YouTuber (pictured left) defeated him in a boxing bout. (Images: Getty Images/Instagram)

Former UFC fighter Tyrone Woodley has followed through with his bet after losing to Jake Paul in a boxing bout and got his opponent's name tattooed on his finger.

Woodley and Paul were involved in a bitter build-up to their boxing bout last month, which Paul won via split decision.

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After Woodley demanded a rematch in the ring, Paul wasn't so willing to let the former fighter get his way that easily.

Paul said he would fight Woodley again if his vanquished opponent got an "I love Jake Paul" tattoo on his leg, with both fighters appearing to sign off on the deal by shaking hands in the ring.

The pair agreed to the tattoo bet during a pre-fight press conference, with Paul even pointing out that world famous tattoo artist Tatu Baby was among the crowd members and ready to make it happen there and then.

Since the fight, Woodley was vocal about wanting a rematch but hadn't followed through on the deal.

But, on Monday, Woodley revealed he had 'I Love Jake Paul' tattooed on his left middle finger.

"What's your excuse again," Woodley wrote to Paul.

When questioned whether it was real, he posted a video of himself at the tattoo parlour.

Fans were left stunned Woodley followed through with the demand. 

Jake Paul responds to Tyron Woodley tattoo

However, Paul didn't appear to be in the mood to entertain a fight.

He posted on Instagram detailing the amount Woodley made in the bout and didn't refer to the rematch.

Jake Paul responds to Tyron Woodley on Instagram. (Image: Instagram)
Jake Paul responds to Tyron Woodley on Instagram. (Image: Instagram)

Both fighters had issues with the scoring after the decision was announced.

Paul said it was "bulls**t" that one judge, Phil Rogers, had called the fight for Woodley.

On the other hand, Woodley was incensed that a different judge had only given him two rounds.

In the end, the three judges only agreed on the first two rounds according to the scorecards. 

Rogers gave Woodley a 10-9 win in the final five rounds of the bout, while Dana DePaolo gave the final four rounds to Paul.

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