Boxed In: Which NFL coach would win an imaginary fight – Mike Tomlin vs. Pete Carroll (with guest Roy Wood, Jr.)

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NFL coaches are a tightly-wound bunch. When you picture one in your head, you don't usually imagine a jovial or stoic leader, but usually a frenzied maniac screaming into their headset or going insane at a referee, which got us thinking – which NFL coach would you pick in a fight?

No NFL coaches were harmed in the making of this podcast, but Yahoo Sports' Liz Loza & Charles Robinson were joined by a very special guest to play out this thought experiment. Roy Wood, Jr. of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, steps into the arena to explain why you don't want to mess with Pittsburgh's Mike Tomlin while Charles argues that Seattle's wily Pete Carroll should not be overlooked.

Check out Roy in the next season of The Last O.G. on TBS, Netflix's upcoming Space Force and his Comedy Central webseries Stand-Up Playback with Roy Wood Jr.. Roy's charity is providing relief to the staff of comedy clubs shut-down by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Liz Loza, Charles Robinson and comedian Roy Wood, Jr. debate which NFL coach is more likely to win a fight: Mike Tomlin or Pete Carroll. (Getty Images/Yahoo Sports)

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