Boiling Point star Stephen Odubola explains message behind his new movie Gassed Up

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Boiling Point star Stephen Odubola on new movieVertigo Releasing

Boiling Point's Stephen Odubola has spoken about his new movie's underlying message.

Crime thriller Gassed Up follows gang member Ash (played by Odubola) as he struggles with the morality of his choices.

Things come to a head when a jewellery robbery gets Ash in trouble with an Albanian crime crew.

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Vertigo Releasing

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"Ash is a young guy who is involved in all types of things, while at the same time he is presented with opportunities to live the life he is living," Odubola told Digital Spy.

"And it’s not until things get real, and his life is threatened and his family is threatened, that he realises this is not the way forward. He was lucky to be able to escape that life."

He continued: "What I’m trying, the message I believe we are trying to push out there, is don’t wait until it’s too late for taking opportunities that are presented to you beforehand. Sometimes it takes some external influence to take you out of that life.

stephen odubola, taz skylar, gassed up
Vertigo Releasing

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Explaining Ash's backstory, Odubola said: "It was a father figure, played by [House of the Dragon's] Steve Toussaint, who plays Roy, who is constantly trying to tell him to go work with him. What he does is ignore him, because of the life he was brought up in.

"Sometimes it takes a crazy situation - for example, a death, or something bad happens to one of your friends, for you to realise this is it. It’s a wake-up call. The message we’re trying to say is: don’t wait until the wake-up call before realising there are other opportunities that you can take."

Co-star and co-writer of the film Taz Skylar, who stars in Netflix's One Piece, agreed, adding: "In a meta way, you come out of the film and you can figure out your own way through life, and it doesn’t have to be just through the means of what everyone is telling you that you have to do."

Gassed Up is released in UK cinemas on February 9.

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