Out of the Blue: Liz Truss book publication brought forward by one month

Liz Truss addressed the nation for the final time as prime minister on Tuesday  (PA Wire)
Liz Truss addressed the nation for the final time as prime minister on Tuesday (PA Wire)

Publishers of an account of Liz Truss’s 50 days as prime minister are rapidly trying to publish the book after her sudden exit from Number 10.

Out of the Blue: The Inside Story of the Unexpected Rise and Rapid Fall of Liz Truss will be available as an ebook on Tuesday, November 1, and then in hardback and audio on November 24 - having been edited and brought forward.

Harry Cole and James Heale’s collaboration was originally due to be published on December 8 with the sub heading: The Inside Story of Liz Truss and Her Astonishing Rise to Power.

The Sun’s political editor Mr Cole and Spectator writer Mr Heale had to rewrite parts and add a chapter at the end after Ms Truss stepped down as prime minister on October 20.

The writers had finished in early October but the ongoing Westminster crisis forced them to change their plans. In Ms Truss’s final session in prime minister’s questions, Sir Keir Starmer asked her: “A book is being written about the Prime Minister's time in office. Apparently, it is going to be out by Christmas. Is that the release date or the title?”

She resigned the day after, with Mr Heale tweeting: “Back to the rewrites.”

A press release from publisher HarperCollins said the book “charts the rise of the studious teenage Lib Dem who transformed into the queen of the Brexiteers” before documenting her demise.

A joint quote attributed to the authors added: “The irony is not lost on us that our biography of a politician whose rise and fall was built upon her ability to shapeshift with startling speed, has itself now needed a lightning retool to keep up with her.

“During our writing of the new epilogue, what became clear to us was that throughout the book as it was originally written – there were many captured moments and insider observations throughout Truss’s life and career that foreshadowed with sometimes alarming transparency exactly how this was always going to end.

“Therefore, we’re excited to get Out of the Blue out to readers as soon as possible as a now complete and historic account of one of the most mystifying and explosive prime ministers of all time, whose decisions and mistakes will shape British politics hereafter.”