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Australia’s queen of the platform doubts Chinese longevity

Australia's queen of the platform finished agonisingly close to a fourth Olympic medal at her fourth Olympic Games but at 33 wouldn't rule out another appearance in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

"I've been able to keep going because my body is small and compact."

"I've also been able to self-manage my training."

"It's young woman's sport because you are travelling at 60km/h and the water feels like concrete when you hit it."

"The Chinese athletes would not have the same longevity just because of the way they train."

Wiggins will leave the most important question of all up to her husband - former Carlton AFL player Simon Wiggins who watched from the stands in London.

"Ask my husband," says Wiggins. "He has a massive say."

"And so does [diving partner] Rachael [Bugg]"

Injury forced Wiggins to miss the Beijing Games which led to her retirement from diving but now back in the groove she'll let her family dictate her future in the sport.

"It's been such a family effort," Wiggins said.

"Having a toddler at home, when I travel a lot of the load is on him [Simon].

"Definitely he's been part of the journey as much as me and as much as Rachel."

Fourth by only a few points after returning to the sport just over a year ago and beginning a new partnership with Bugg is an impressive achievement by any standards - but all the more so considering Wiggins first won bronze at Atlanta in 1996.

Bugg will do her part to keep the burgeoning partnership going.

"I've got to talk to Simon into letting Loudy stay diving with me"