'Black Mirror’ Season 7 Returning in 2025 With a Special Sequel Episode

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‘Black Mirror’ Season 7 Is Officially a GoJonathan Prime - Netflix

Chances are if you've landed on this article, you're curious about the hugely-popular dystopian drama series Black Mirror aaaaaand maybe possibly wanna know whether it'll return for season 7. Honestly? Same. The show not only tells new stories each episode (!!) and explores topics such as technology, celebrity, and modern society, but it also brings in new actors (um, hi. Miley Cyrus, anyone?) who keep things exciting and fresh.

And none of that is accidental. When speaking about how Black Mirror came to be, show creator Charlie Brooker told the Financial Times earlier this year, “The show began because I wanted to do something that was unlike other programs, and had a lot of variety in it, because it stops me getting bored.” Honestly? As a Perpetually Indecisive Libra™️, I thank him for his service.

Over the years, the series has accumulated a massive fanbase that has only grown since the premiere all the way back in 2011. Curious about the next installment? Here's everything you need to know about Black Mirror season 7.

Are we getting a Black Mirror season 7?

We sure are! In November 2023, it was confirmed that Black Mirror season 7 is officially happening. Variety was the first outlet to break the news, and while details are still hush hush, the signs were certainly pointing towards this happening.

Season 6 hit the streamer back in June 2023—a whole four years after season 5 dropped in June 2019—and viewers were hungry for it. Season 6 even reached the Top 10 in 92 countries!

What will Black Mirror season 7 be about?

Because each episode of Black Mirror is a world in itself, we won't know what's coming until it's nearly here. But what we do know is, in the past, Charlie has opened up about his approach to previous seasons—namely season 6—and given insight into the process.

In an interview with Tudum, the series creator mused, “I began this season by deliberately upending some of my own core assumptions about what to expect.”

“Consequently, this time, alongside some of the more familiar Black Mirror tropes we’ve also got a few new stretch the parameters of what ‘a Black Mirror episode’ even is. The stories are all still tonally Black Mirror through-and-through—but with some crazy swings and more variety than ever before,” he continued.

Charlie revealed he likes to keep people guessing (shocker!) when it comes to the show’s plotlines, adding, “I’ve always felt that Black Mirror should feature stories that are entirely distinct from one another, and keep surprising people—and myself—or else what’s the point? It should be a series that can’t be easily defined, and can keep reinventing itself.”

And he really gave us a big one when Netflix revealed that season 7 will include a special sequel to a fan-favorite episode, "USS Callister." They announced the big news on X (formerly Twitter) with symbols of the iconic Star Trek-inspired insignia.

Who will be cast in Black Mirror season 7?

The theme of this article is clearly ~uncertainty~, people! As in, we don't have ironclad deets on the potential cast for season 7, but it for sure has big shoes to fill since its sixth installment features everyone from Aaron Paul and Josh Hartnett to Zazie Beetz, Salma Hayek, and Rory Culkin. And how could we forget the iconic honorable mentions from seasons past, including Miley Cyrus, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Jon Hamm?!

All that said, Variety did have some insight into the exec team who will helm season 7:

"No casting has been confirmed yet for season 7 but 'Variety' understands the show is set to go into production later this year with Brooker, Annabel Jones and Jessica Rhoades believed to be returning as executive producers. Plot details and number of episodes are still being kept under wraps."

And that's pretty much all we know for now. Make sure to check back in for any more updates/intel on Black Mirror season 7.

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