Black Cats' fans react to Watford 1-0 Sunderland

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We asked for your reaction to Sunderland's 1-0 loss away to Watford. Here are some of your comments:

Colin: Not unexpected. Another huge lump of disappointment in a season that needs to end quickly.

Paul: Sums up Sunderland.

Jim: Let's just get over the finishing line. We over achieved last season so this year in comparison has been a major disappointment. There are some major decisions to be made over the summer right through the club. Let's make sure the managerial decision is the most positive decision to move us onwards and upwards.

Ann: New Manager and some more experienced players. We have the best home crowd - deserve better next season!!

Jacko: It seems the money men of this club had no intention of buying a decent striker this year, so can they please spend the money on a time machine and whisk us to the start of next season. This one has been just dire.

Richard: With a centre forward we would have been comfortable winners. Incredibly Dodds was quoted as saying this week that signing a number 9 in the summer is not a priority! Hopefully he will soon be gone.

Jed: What a mess Speakman has made of this season! If KLD has any sense he should sack him before he does any further damage. We could be in Birmingham's position next season!