BK Hacken 2-2 Aberdeen: Analysis

Amy Canavan, BBC Sport Scotland

A trip back to Gothenburg is something of a pilgrimage for Aberdeen supporters, so they'd never say it wasn't a worthwhile trip, but Robson's group made sure it was another trip to Sweden that will live in the memory for a while, at least.

The tenacity shown in the second half, when the heads could have easily dropped, is something so much more admirable than any trick or flick tried. A different side to Aberdeen was revealed tonight, one that can dig deep and will fight for each other.

Should the job been done at home next week, that is a quality they will need to build on week in, week out.

The affluence of endeavour that stayed with the side up until Graeme Shinnie's 100th-minute shot is further evidence this side will not go down without a fight. Quite the comeback, with new signings James McGarry and McGrath at the heart of the turnaround.