Bird sprays Dragons fans, fires up on future and coach

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Jack Bird has launched a stinging critique of fans who want St George Illawarra coach Anthony Griffin axed, warning that continual criticism of coaches and players can "push you over the edge".

The Dragons forward also addressed a previous report that he wanted out of the club. Bird said he wanted to help turn the 16th-placed Dragons around but left some doubt about where he might end up as well with one of his answers to a question on his future.

It was a question about a petition from fans to have off-contract Griffin axed immediately after five straight losses that got Bird going on Wednesday.

"Fans don't really know too much about footy I don't think. They've got a lot to say," Bird said ahead of Saturday's away NRL clash with North Queensland.

"I don't think they have ever played a game of footy. I am just speaking from first-hand stuff I have been copping. I feel sorry for Hook (Griffin). It is us (players) out there playing so we should be the ones (fans) are baying for."

Bird said fans were "good for the game" but added there was only so much criticism players and the coaching staff at the Dragons could handle.

"People don't know what people are going through these days. Hook could be struggling or any player could be struggling outside of footy, and the people come on social media and give you a gobful," he said.

"That might be the part where they push you over the edge. That's fans for you. They are passionate and they want us to win games, so I understand where they are coming from."

Bird is on contract until the end of 2025, although the last year contains a mutual option where he could wish to depart early.

"I signed last year here for another two years and at the moment I am staying here," he said.

"My future is tied here."

Bird said he didn't think other clubs could afford him anyway.

"I don't think any other clubs are in a financial situation to sign anyone at the moment. I am not too sure," he said

"Like I said, my future is at the club. I have got another two years here and I am willing to turn things around here. That's what I want to do. I want to start winning games, and that's going to be here."

Bird said only the players could assist taking the pressure off Griffin, whose future is set to come under the microscope further when the team returns from Townsville.

"If we won the last five weeks Hook's not in question for his job," he said.

"It is on us really. It is not on him. If we win games coaches don't get sacked.

"He is not the one out there playing. It is us. It will be good to get a win for him that's for sure, before we get to Sydney. I can't really speak too much on that (coaching future) kind of stuff because I don't know what is going on behind the scenes."