Bionovate realigns its strategy: from Quantify Yourself to Know Yourself

Bionovate Technologies Corp.
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CHAM, Switzerland, Nov. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The medical device company Bionovate Technologies Corp adopts a strategic reorientation under new management. Aleksandar Vucak will realign the company as CEO after taking over the majority of the shares of the company, traded on the Nasdaq OTC (OTCPK:BIIO).

Bionovate Technologies Corp. will focus on investments and the marketing of patents and licenses which bring healthcare and lifestyle diagnostics to the smartphone. With strong emphasis on digital transformation, the company intends to build an FDA-approved ecosystem of medical devices, biosensors and mobile applications to turn tests that were previously only done in physical labs into tests that can be carried through by anyone with a mobile device. Innovations in these fields are transforming some of the most promising, high-growth-opportunity segments in the medical device market worldwide.

To this end, new products and services will be developed in the coming months on the basis of existing patents. The focus will be on the acquisition of medical data from non-invasive sources (e.g. ultrasound, impedance measurements, motion profiles, other visualisation procedures) and their direct connection to mighty Big Data platforms, which use machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide the data as simple and clear as possible for the end user. With these new methods of wearable biosensing, which go far beyond the signals recorded so far, health-conscious and sporty consumers can measure and implement their fitness and health goals much better.

CEO Aleksandar Vucak: "A wide range of applications and digital services in the lifestyle and medical care sectors are possible here. The entire wearables market is facing major disruptions because much more wearable biosensing is finally becoming possible. Completely new methods of signal processing and innovative digital communication architectures. We are just crossing the threshold from ‘Quantify Yourself’ to ‘Know Yourself’. In this wave of innovation that is about to hit the market, we want to make a contribution to ensuring that many people live more health-consciously, listen to their body's warning signals early on and thus live better."

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