What is the billion dollar listing in Netflix's Selling The OC?

selling the oc billion dollar listing
Is Selling The OC's billion dollar listing real? Netflix

In news that will be very shocking to Selling Sunset's Davina (IYKYK), Brett and Jason Oppenheim announced in the new season of Selling The OC, they have acquired a billion dollar listing. A billion? They're going to be rolling in it.

During a staff meeting with their OC agents Jason and Brett announced they would be opening another brokerage of The Oppenheim Group, this time in Cabo, Mexico. As part of their new brokerage they've also acquired a billion dollar listing.

Announcing the news to the stunned agents Jason said: "We're opening a third office in Cabo San Lucas. We partnered with a huge developer down there. Their family has been developing for decades. They've built like half of Cabo.

"And we have a lot of large listings with them, including our first billion dollar listing."

selling the oc billion dollar listing

Er, seriously that's impressive. But what actually is the billion-dollar listing? Is it just one mega mansion or is there more to it? Here's what you need to know.

What is the billion dollar listing in Selling The OC?

Ok so the less exciting bit is that Jason and Brett's billion-dollar listing isn't in fact one massive celeb sized mansion, but instead a development of properties situated on the beach. If those are all sold then they will have sold over $2billion worth of real estate in Cabo.

In episode six Jason and Brett introduce the team to the new office in Cabo, where they meet with the new developer Alen, who explains a bit more about the properties.

He said: "What you're looking at is 2,400 acres. It's 10 minutes north from here, it's called El Tule Beach. We're going to have about 50 oceanfront homes. Each of them is going to have half an acre.

"Behind on the hillside are going to be 300 homes, all of them are going to have stunning ocean views."

selling the oc billion dollar listing

Jason then clarifies if these 350 properties get sold they will then have sold over $2billion in real estate, which as Brett mentions in episode one equates to a commission around $30million. Ok, we really need to switch careers.

Right now it appears the development is still in the early stages but we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for the day the billion dollar development goes on the market.

Selling The OC season 2 is available on Netflix

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