Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves reacts to Hisam's last stand

Each week, Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves will weigh in on the latest events in the house. Here, she reacts to Hisam's eviction, the Professors' big move, a budding showmance, and the return of a Big Brother classic.

'Big Brother' host Julie Chen Moonves
'Big Brother' host Julie Chen Moonves

Sonja Flemming/CBS 'Big Brother' host Julie Chen Moonves

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How would you sum up Hisam's very eventful three weeks in the house?

JULIE CHEN MOONVES: What a roller coaster! He was all over the place. Went from average, nice, unassuming guy who gets along with all, to comp beast, to heavy-handed HOH who didn't listen to his teammates, to public enemy number one. And when he got evicted, he was a light-hearted fun guy. I wish him godspeed!

Hisam told the Professors — and especially Felicia, Cire, and Izzy — that he would remain fiercely loyal to them all the way to the end if they kept him. Do you think they made the right decision to send him packing anyway?

Yes. It was too late to stick their neck out for him and alarm the other side of the house. And I do believe Hisam would have remained fiercely loyal to them. He learned his lesson and heard them.

Hisam Goueli on 'Big Brother' season 25
Hisam Goueli on 'Big Brother' season 25

CBS Hisam Goueli on 'Big Brother' season 25

Blue and Jared seem to be entering into a showmance, even though Cirie keeps warning him it's a bad idea. Should Jared listen to his mom?

Always! Mom always knows best. This showmance can only create problems for his game. It's a distraction, and if he really starts falling for her, he will be torn between revealing Cirie is his mom to Blue and continuing to lie to her. Not good.

Finally, how do you feel about the return of the Pressure Cooker competition — and this time in the dark?

I think it's 10 times harder this time around and it should be. It's been 18 years. All the competitions have gotten harder. This time, it's not only in the dark, we are also unleashing perils on them.

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