The Best Wine To Drink With Late Night Taco Bell

mexican pizza
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Have you ever grappled with a late-night craving for Taco Bell and wondered how you could turn a fast food experience into a gastronomic experience like we do? Tasting Table had an exclusive conversation with Vanessa Price, sommelier, author, and the restaurateur behind the freshly minted Mavericks Montauk, who offered her wisdom on pairing fast food, like Taco Bell and fries, with fine wine. Price stated, "Each menu item [at Taco Bell] calls for a unique wine pairing. The amount of sauce, cheese, and seasoning really alters the wine that will best complement the dish."

She went on to discuss her personal favorite from the Taco Bell menu: the Mexican pizza, which she would pair with a "red wine from the Douro Valley in Portugal." While Douro Valley is most renowned for producing sweet, fortified ports, Price poined out a burgeoning movement towards crafting dry, still wines from the same grape varietals. "They have plushness and earthiness all mixed up into a powerful glass with a little bit of spice. A perfect combo for the Mexican pizza and the Diablo sauce I slather on top," Price quipped enthusiastically. We're drooling.

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How A Nostalgic Taco Bell Favorite Inspired A Sommelier's Perfect Pairing

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Mexican pizza from Taco Bell isn't just a random pick for Vanessa. It's a fast-food dish steeped in nostalgia for her. "Growing up, my family often opted for the bean burrito and chili cheese family meal special from Taco Bell. If my parents felt like splurging, they'd add a Mexican pizza to our order. To this day, I still see it as a delight and relish the occasional indulgence," she shared.

In her new culinary venture, Mavericks Montauk, which opened its doors in May, Price surprises and delights with unconventional pairings, echoing her adventurous Taco Bell Mexican pizza, Diablo sauce, and wine combination. So the next time a late-night craving for Taco Bell hits, add a dash of gourmet to your meal. Browse your wine collection or make a pit stop in the wine aisle at your local store. Once you've grabbed your Mexican Pizza -- and don't forget plenty of Diablo sauce -- pair it with a glass of red wine from the Douro Valley and savor the experience responsibly.

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