The best thing about Mr & Mrs Smith? Those enviable interiors

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Mr & Mrs Smith is providing us all the home inspoAmazon Prime

There's a lot to love about Prime Video's Mr & Mrs Smith, from Donald Glover being back on our screens, to Maya Erskine's electric performance as Jane, but arguably the biggest highlight of the whole series? The Smiths' brownstone house and those enviable interiors.

Seriously, I don't think I listened to anything else in the first episode once John and Jane had moved in. The minute Jane crossed the threshold and looked into the soft earthy tones in the bedroom, complete with a boucle love seat, cream lampshades, and linen bedding, I was hooked. The obsession continued with the atmospheric hallway, the asparagus hand glazed tiles in the kitchen and the concrete island. The blush-coloured bathroom was so expertly designed, I was temporarily distracted from the body dismembering going on in the bath. And let's not of course forget that breathtaking rooftop.

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It's the epitome of quiet luxury and looks straight out of the pages of an interior design coffee table book.

And I'm not the only one waiting for the AD tour of the property, with social media full of viewers praising the house's distinct look. With one person saying on X (formerly known as Twitter) said: "The house in Mr. & Mrs. Smith is haunting me. I want that damn house and everything in it and in New York." While another said: "I'm kind of obsessed with the house in Mr. & Mrs. Smith and I need someone to find it for me." And another said: "I need an interior walk through of the Mr & Mrs Smith house", with another agreeing: "Immediately! That house was so sexy."

So who is responsible for said sexy house? Production designer Gerald Sullivan and set decorator Andrew Basemen created the now iconic house. Sullivan revealed to Cosmopolitan UK, the design intent for the brownstone was for the property to be "high tech, but incredibly stylish at the same time."

They also wanted the feel of the set to be distinct from the original Mr & Mrs Smith film of which the series is inspired by.

"It’s intended to be beautiful and aspirational, but a departure from the original Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie with Brad and Angelina where the dream home is a suburban colonial with a white picket fence. This is Mr. & Mrs. Smith for a new generation," Sullivan explained. "They are younger and more hip, settling into the role of spies together. Think mauve in the bathroom, or the hand glazed asparagus tile for the kitchen backsplash."

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Complete tile envy Amazon Prime

The set for the brownstone was designed to mimic the same proportions as existing brownstones in New York and they tried to scale the furniture and items into what would actually fit into a real life house.

Set decorator Andrew Baseman sourced a number of the items seen in the house in episode one from interiors stores such as Arhaus, Arteriors and Visual Comfort.

It feels like a long time since we've had a house this expertly designed on TV that gives us real life mood board inspo. Sure there's been other shows like Succession, Big Little Lies and White Lotus that have given great design moments, but Mr & Mrs Smith is in a league of its own.

And this is in part arguably due to the importance of the house in the series, it's practically another character, a physical symbol of the couple's journey together, that grows in pieces as their romance develops, before ultimately ending in complete destruction.

Sullivan was all too aware of this when designing the set throughout the series, with the home having two phases to it.

"There are really two phases of design inspiration for the townhouse. Phase one is when they move in and the home has already been renovated and luxuriously designed by the agency, but it lacks any personal touches," he said.

Sullivan then went onto explain they were able to show the couple's growing wealth and different ways of spending it with the items they picked for their home, saying: "It was decided that elements of the townhouse should change and be layered in over time as John and Jane became more confident as spies and with one another. In particular, there was a desire to communicate how the income they earned from their missions translated to their everyday lives."

For John, this was adding the stereo system and buying more clothing, and for Jane it was her love of art that was shown throughout the property.

However, as we all know, the beautiful property, just like the couple meets its demise in the final episode. While I can just about get over John and Jane potentially dying, I don't think I'll ever recover from them destroying the brownstone.

At least the hot neighbour was happy.

Mr & Mrs Smith is available on Prime Video now

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