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I’m a shopping editor, and these are the 5 best things I tried in April

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Quick overview

Somehow, I found a way to combine my love for shopping and writing into a career. (My teenage self would not believe it.)

As a shopping editor at In The Know by Yahoo, I get to try out new products all the time, from skin care and cooking gadgets to pet products and fashion accessories. Then, I write about the stuff that I like, so readers like you can get an honest review and learn about the stuff that’s really worth their money. (If I try something and I don’t like it, I’ll never tell you to buy it — simple as that.)

I’m constantly sharing my favorite products with my friends, family and neighbors. You can check out my articles to see what cool new products I’ve discovered as of late, or you can read below to see five of the best things I tried last month. These are the products working for me, the ones that I love and the ones I want to tell everyone about.

Alo Moves
Alo Moves costs $20 per month after a 14-day free trial.
$20 at Alo Yoga

I recently decided to try pilates after the workout began flooding my TikTok “For You Page,” with people raving about the strength benefits. However, pilates classes can get a little pricey. Instead, I started treating myself to one in-studio reformer class per week and adopted using Alo Moves for mat pilates at home.

Alo Moves has hundreds of pilates, yoga, barre, meditation and strength training classes on its app. I especially like that it offers quick five-minute classes because when I don’t feel like moving, I do one, and it usually puts me in the mood to do more. From there, I can choose several short classes that focus on different muscle groups to build my own longer workout. Or, if I just feel like doing five minutes, then five minutes it is!

The press-on nails comes in a range of OPI's best-selling colors.
$13 at Ulta

I was in my best friend’s wedding last month, and I didn’t have time to get my nails done before the big day, so I picked up a set of these OPI press-on nails from Ulta. They were super easy to apply, lasted about two weeks and looked incredibly natural. In fact, so many people complimented me on my manicure, but I couldn’t help but tell them how they were actually press-ons I applied quickly with a little nail glue in my hotel room that morning.

The press-on nails come in a range of OPI’s signature polish colors, and I like that they’re a shorter length. However, if you want them even shorter, you can cut and file them down really easily to any shape you want. Seriously, they look just like a gel manicure — but for a lot less money and effort.

The aluminum-free deodorant won't leave marks on your clothes.
$37 at Nordstrom

This is probably one of the bougiest things I’ve purchased recently, and I don’t even care that it’s deodorant. Le Labo’s deodorant is not cheap, but it works great, and it smells amazing. The aluminum-free formula comes in a roll-on bottle, dries fast and doesn’t leave marks on my clothes, and it’s lightly scented with the brand’s signature grooming fragrance. It smells like a mix of bergamot, lavender, violet and tonka bean. Also, I will say I’ve tried natural deodorants in the past, and they have not worked at all — but this one does.

You can save 10% if you decide to subscribe.
$36 at WTHN

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little more stressed in my life, and I noticed it started to take a toll on my overall energy. Some days, I feel tired yet can’t fall asleep at night. I feel motivated to work, yet I can’t focus on anything. I’ve been to WTHN, an acupuncture studio based in New York City, and I’ve tried a few samples of its digestion-support supplement. They were good, so after a little extra research, I decided to try its Daily Calm packed with natural ashwagandha.

According to an article from Cleveland Clinic, ashwagandha is a natural herb that’s been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. Research shows it could lower your body’s cortisol levels, reduce inflammation, increase energy, ease stress and even improve memory. So far, it’s helped me feel more awake during the day and helped me sleep at night, and I feel much less anxious when a stress trigger arises.

The Farmer's Dog
The Farmer's Dog food starts at $2 per day.
$2 per day at The Farmer's Dog

My toy poodle is such a picky eater. One day, he likes his food; the next, he doesn’t, and he’s going on a hunger strike. I tried our vet’s recommendations for getting him to eat kibble and canned food, but he just wasn’t having it. So, I recently ordered him fresh food from The Farmer’s Dog, and I’m not even exaggerating — he actually runs to his bowl to eat now.

After inputting his age, weight, breed, activity level and other information on the brand’s website, The Farmer’s Dog created a personalized meal plan for him. I noticed that, after the first week, he still seemed a little hungry because he was begging for more food from the dinner table. However, it was easy to increase his calorie intake on The Farmer’s Dog website, and our next shipment included slightly larger servings. He’s tried the chicken, beef and pork recipes, but he especially likes the pork.

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