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TikTok swears this brand makes the best pimple patches if you want your zits cleared up fast

It’s Friday morning — you wake up excited for the weekend. You have big plans. But when you look in your bathroom mirror, you have a new zit that’s just popped up on your face. You have a few options: You can pop it but risk making it worse. You can put makeup over it and hope it holds. You can run to your dermatologist for a quick yet expensive fix. You can apply a fast-working pimple patch to calm things down.

Personally, I’m choosing the last option, and tons of people on TikTok say that the COSRX pimple patches are the best if you want your zit gone fast.

This three-pack includes 96 pimple patches.

$11 at Amazon

If you search COSRX pimple patches on TikTok, the result generates over 3 billion video views. Creators and beauty influencers @kay_caputo and @karlacruzbeauty both shared videos of their experience wearing them, and their posts have over 200,000 and 25,000 views, respectively.

If that’s not enough, more than 24,000 Amazon shoppers give the COSRX Master Patches a five-star rating, too.

“I am sold on these magic stickers,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “They work wonders and they work fast! Sometimes I’ll wear them on my hour drive to work, and other times I’ll sleep with them on. I’ve put them on both peeping bumps and spots I’ve nagged and picked at relentlessly — both respond well to these patches.”

“I swear by [these] little patches of AMAZING!” wrote another. “They help my already popped pimples heal so fast. It’s sooooo satisfying seeing the white stuff after wearing the patch on overnight and then seeing my pimple being almost half the size it was.”

The COSRX Master Patches in Original Fit come in three sizes — and this set includes three packs of them. The different sizes are perfect for covering up big or small pimples. Some reviewers suggest applying them with tweezers so you don’t contaminate the patch before applying it or take off some of the stickiness.

The brand COSRX is already popular on TikTok for its hydrating snail mucin essence — you’ve probably seen it. You can get that on Amazon too, but if you can only buy one thing for your acne-prone skin today, these pimple patches are for sure it. Plus, the three packs include 96 patches for about $12, and that’s a great deal. Your skin will thank you (and your dermatologist, too, for not popping that pesky pimple).

This three-pack includes 96 pimple patches.

$11 at Amazon

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