15 Absolutely Hilarious Fails From Around The Internet This Week

Hello, gorgeous BuzzFeeders, and welcome to the post series where I compile funny fails for you from around the internet every single week. I hope you love and adore it and can't get enough!

1. Starting off strong, with this boss' apparent inability to read:

Twitter: @X1AO1SM

2. This drum:

Twitter: @YLKujo

3. This Biblical moment:

Twitter: @PopBase

4. This absolute read:

Twitter: @uhhmmily

5. This lovely lunch 🥰:

Twitter: @messedupfoods

6. This poor guy named Fergus, who did not ask for this:

Twitter: @John__Phipps

7. This sign:

Twitter: @internetkendra

8. This boyfriend, although I'm sure Mr. Louboutin found it endearing:

Twitter: @simisear_

9. This guy's brave story:

Twitter: @Howlingmutant0

10. Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon this week, unfortunately 🙁:

20th Century Fox / Courtesy of Everett / Via Twitter: @LosFelizDaycare

11. This, because I would fall for it too 😭:

Twitter: @giant_sandwich

12.This faux-relatable moment from Mila and Ashton:

Twitter: @mattxiv, Instagram / Ashton Kutcher
Twitter: @mattxiv, Instagram / Ashton Kutcher

13. Elon and Grimes' latest child's name:

Twitter: @JimMFelton

14. This cat that made me laugh out loud:

Twitter: @SoliSolstice

15. And finally, this.

Twitter: @messedupfoods

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