‘Best’ big brothers dress up in amazing Halloween costumes for their little sister: ‘The absolute love that emanates from this’

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The incredible Halloween costumes of three big brothers and their (very) little sister are going viral — and melting hearts all across TikTok!

Mom and TikToker Patti Avery Schmidt (@pattiaveryschmidt) gained a whopping 12 million views when she shared her kids’ stunning group costumes from the past four years. 

But it’s not just their elaborate Halloween costumes that are stealing TikTok’s heart; it’s the incredible bond these big brothers share with their much younger sister. 

Now, just like the teenage boys who collapsed in tears the moment they met their newborn sibling or the 15-year-old who was caught on the baby monitor taking care of his sister at 1 a.m., these big brothers are setting the bar high for siblings everywhere.

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In her videos, Patti captures the special relationship her three sons Larry, Patrick, and Gavin share with their little sister Avery.

With ages spanning 28, 26, 22 and 5, Patti’s children clearly have a unique gap — but that doesn’t prevent them from loving one another with everything they have.

After marrying her childhood sweetheart, Patti gave birth to her first child at the age of 22. Two decades later, at the age of 44, the couple was surprised with baby Avery — and since then, the family has documented every special moment together.

But in addition to being great big brothers, Patti’s sons are clearly Halloween costume pros too! From Game of Thrones to The Wizard of Oz to The Princess Bride, there’s no end in sight to the siblings’ creativity.

This year, the family has asked TikTok what their group costume should be, and thousands of great suggestions have come rolling in: The Powerpuff Girls and the Professor; Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Gang; Merida and her three bear brothers… The ideas are endless!

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‘ How lucky is this little girl…’

While their Halloween costumes are what initially attracted TikTokers to the Schmidts, it seems many end up staying because of their beautiful bond.

“What I enjoy the most is that they genuinely look content and happy doing this with her,” one user remarked.

“How lucky is this little girl to be blessed with THREE amazing and loving big brothers? All these kids were raised right, and it shows,” another user commented.

“The absolute love that emanates from this… She is definitely going to have high standards for any man wanting her in the future, and I LOVE that they are playing a part,” commented another user.

“This is so beautiful. She is most definitely loved and very protected,” one user wrote.

“They ARE the best big brothers! You should be proud of yourself. Great job, mom and dad!” lauded another user.

“I’m getting a tubal ligation in the morning, and now I’m thinking about calling to cancel,” one user joked. 

These “best” big brothers are proof that siblings don’t have to be close in age to be close in love! Hopefully, soon they’ll dazzle all of TikTok with this year’s imaginative group costume!

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