Best of the banter – Supercars at Montreal/Watkins Glen

Andrew van Leeuwen
·2-min read

Once again, a variety of Twitch streams and the central radio channel linking all drivers provided some brilliant behind-the-scenes insight into the official virtual Supercars series.

Here are some of our highlights.

Mark Winterbottom gives Fabian Coulthard a gee up after pre-race practice in Montreal.

MW: "Fabian P1. Get in."
FC: Watch out, watch out. Like a bull at the gate on row... 20-odd."

Will Davison hits the wrong radio button and almost spills the strategic beans on the open channel.

WD: "We'll just, yeah, pitting-wise... what is it? A 10-lapper?"
Scott McLaughlin: "When are you pitting Will?"
Lee Holdsworth: "I'll pit Lap 1, after the shunt."

Coulthard and Jack Le Brocq debrief some first-lap madness in Montreal.

FC: "No penalties, though. It'll just be fair racing, fair game, no dramas, beautiful.
JLB: "It's just another expression session."
FC: "Quality, Jack. Quality."

Scott McLaughlin explains his last-lap contact with Shane van Gisbergen in the first race.

"I didn't want to move him that much. I just wanted to push. And then he had a massive moment."

Nick Percat asking one of life's big questions after some first-lap shenanigans in Race 2.

"What do I do if I'm upside down?"

Percat again, this time debating reverse grid racing with Coulthard.

NP: "I think it's time to not do reverse grid races."
FC: "Nah reverse grids are mint bro. I'm loving it."

Jake Kostecki revs up Alex Davison amid a flood of questions to race director James Cowan about pitting behind the Safety Car.

AD: "Race control, are we allowed to pit at the end of this lap?"
JK: "For the 12th time..."
AD: "Well all you wankers were talking so much I couldn't hear what James was saying."

Shane van Gisbergen after copping a hit from Jack Smith.

"Jack Smith, you're an idiot man."

Alex Davison offers some helpful advice to teammate Chris Pither.

"Chris don't be a pain in the arse. Your car's got no rear wing on it."

Garry Jacobson looks for some help from a Watkins Glen race winner.

"Any tips, Ambrose?"

Cam Waters at the start of Race 3.

"Turn down for what, Macauley..."

McLaughlin joins van Gisbergen in the Jack Smith fan club.

"Jack Smith. Look at his car. What a peanut."

Waters with a stern warning to Jacobson.

"Garry if you move again under brakes you're going in the fence."

McLaughlin and Lee Holdsworth rub panels at the Bus Stop at Watkins Glen.

SM: "Give us some room Holdsy. I'm trying to give you as much as I can."
LH: "Come on Scotty."
SM: "Mate I'm trying to give you some room bro."

McLaughlin with some more Jack Smith work.

"Mate, use a relative dude."

...and then immediately to engineer Richard Harris.

"God he's such a dickhead, that kid."