The Best Bagel Shop In Every State

Bagels in baskets
Bagels in baskets - Krblokhin/Getty Images

In a world filled with culinary conquests, one humble creation has managed to carve its own delectable niche -- the bagel. What began as a simple bread roll with a hole in the center has evolved into an iconic breakfast staple cherished by millions. From New York's classic, chewy wonders to creative interpretations spanning the United States, bagels have become a universal delight.

As breakfast enthusiasts and bagel aficionados, we embarked on a quest to bring you the ultimate guide to the finest bagel shops across the nation. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the northern plains to the deep south, we've scoured each state to unearth the best of the best. We looked at reviews and read an array of news stories to find award-winning shops and hidden local gems that are a must-try. There are also a few on this list that we got to sample first-hand!

Whether you prefer your bagels crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, or you're searching for unique and inventive toppings, we've got you covered -- literally. Be prepared to discover hidden gems, iconic institutions, and local legends as we reveal the crème de la crème of bagel shops in every state.

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Alabama: Crestline Bagel Co.

Oreo bagel with cream cheese
Oreo bagel with cream cheese - Crestline Bagel Co. / Facebook

Crestline Bagel Co. is a 20-year business that has the taste and the reviews to earn the top spot in the state of Alabama. Offering a delightful array of freshly baked bagels, ranging from classic favorites to inventive flavors, savory to sweet, it caters to every palate.

What sets Crestline Bagel Co. apart are their unique, made-from-scratch bagels, paired with a variety of house-made cream cheeses, ensuring a delectable experience. Even native Long Islanders say that these bagels, "comes very close to a good New York bagel," via Yelp.  It's clear Crestline has done its homework.

Alaska: The Bagel Shop

The Bagel Shop bagels
The Bagel Shop bagels - The Bagel Shop / Facebook

Nestled in the pristine landscapes of Alaska, The Bagel Shop reigns supreme as the state's premier bagel haven. Born from a romantic gesture, as co-owner Gabe Chapin made midnight bagels to win over Mikela Arumburu, their now joint bagel-making venture thrives in Homer's boatyard district.

What truly distinguishes this establishment is its special offerings, including sustainably sourced Alaskan salmon, making their bagel creations a genuine reflection of the region's culinary treasures. Selling out their bagel stock Wednesday through Sunday, this local favorite has a smaller variety than most, but the winning aspect is in the crafted details.

Arizona: Chompie's Deli

Stack of Chompie's bagels
Stack of Chompie's bagels - Chompies / Instagram

Chompie's Deli has been delighting patrons since 1979 when the Borenstein family introduced a slice of New York to Phoenix. This shop upholds its New York-style deli heritage while expanding its menu to cater to diverse tastes, featuring classic Jewish dishes and innovative creations.

The star of the show is undoubtedly their bagels, offering an array of flavors and cream cheese varieties, like the honey raisin walnut flavor, along with bialys. From morning plates to innovative cocktails, everyone will find something they love!

Arkansas: Ozark Mountain Bagel Co.

Ozark Mountain bagel sandwich
Ozark Mountain bagel sandwich - Ozark Mountain Bagel Co. / Facebook

Ozark Mountain Bagel Co. takes the top spot in Arkansas, rooted in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. This family-owned business brought New York-style bagels to this southern location, ensuring everyone in the area can enjoy a delicious, water-boiled, homemade bagel every single day.

The standout features of Ozark Mountain Bagel Co. are its commitment to quality and innovation, and even providing gluten-free options. Additionally, it offers an array of locally inspired coffees and spreads, to ensure they are "spreading joy, love, and cream cheese," (per Ozark Mountain Bagel Co.)

California: Boichik Bagels

Heart bagel from Boichik
Heart bagel from Boichik - boichikbagels / Instagram

From coast to coast, respected news sites have deemed Boichik Bagels the best in California; some even feel the best in the country! Using deck ovens to create the perfect bagel inside and out, Boichik has brought a slice of New York's bagel culture to the West Coast.

The company offers a carefully curated selection of hand-rolled bagels baked in its revolving oven, blending tradition with innovation. Notably, they utilize a unique yeast-based recipe ensuring their bagels are a cut above the rest. Special offerings include an array of house-made cream cheeses, smoked fish, and inventive sandwich creations.

Colorado: Rosenberg's Bagels & Delicatessen

Rosenberg's Valentine's bagels
Rosenberg's Valentine's bagels - rosenbergsbagel / Instagram

Rosenberg's Bagels & Delicatessen stands as Colorado's premier bagel and deli destination, with its flagship location in the heart of Denver. This establishment has seamlessly brought the Big Apple's deli culture to the Rocky Mountains.

Rosenberg's offers an impressive variety of handcrafted celebrated for their authenticity and quality. The shop offers an array of inventive house-made cream cheeses like the scallion or Hatch chile flavors, along with classic deli sandwiches and epic innovations like the Don't Tell Ya Mother which is a poppyseed bagel stacked with belly ham and melted Swiss cheese, honey mustard and mayo.

Connecticut: Bagel Delight

Ukraine bagels from Bagel Delight
Ukraine bagels from Bagel Delight - bagel_delight / Instagram

Bagel Delight proudly stands as Connecticut's top bagel destination. Rooted in its humble beginnings, Bagel Delight has been serving the Nutmeg State with exceptional bagels for 27 years. As a New Englander, I promise this is true.

The menu offers a delightful array of boiled, freshly baked bagels catering to both traditional and creative tastes. They also offer a variety of spreads, breakfast, and lunch options, ensuring a memorable dining experience. From red heart bagels for Valentine's Day to the well-known classics, they do it all.

Delaware: Surf Bagel

Surf Bagel sandwich
Surf Bagel sandwich - surfbagel / Instagram

Everyone seems to know Surf Bagel in Delaware, with its original location in the coastal community of Lewes. Born from a love of the beach and great bagels, Surf Bagel offers a unique and delightful twist on the traditional bagel experience.

Their menu features over 20 scratch-made, New York-style bagel flavors, from chocolate chip to Old Bay bagel, capturing the essence of beachside living. Throw in coastal-inspired spreads, inventive sandwich creations, and delicious smoothies, and your taste buds will thank you for the field trip.

Florida: Bagel City South

Bagel City South bagels
Bagel City South bagels - Bagel City South / Facebook

142 years ago, Moshe Zlotnicov of Kiev, Ukraine, originated the Zlotnick recipe, which was passed down through generations. Now, under the guidance of Norman, Lori, and Ben, Bagel City South produces a unique and exceptional bagel in Florida.

Their menu boasts a wide variety of bagels that they promise you won't find anywhere else, featuring a truly unique taste and texture. From the quality to the customer service, Bagel City South is the pick for Florida.

Georgia: Emerald City Bagels

Emerald City bagel sandwhich
Emerald City bagel sandwhich - Instagram: Emerald City Bagels

Inspired by Long Island and a bagel daydream, Emerald City Bagels in the heart of Atlanta keeps the classics just that. Originating from a passion for crafting traditional kettle-boiled bagels, this beloved storefront has established itself as a local gem.

What truly sets Emerald City Bagels apart are their inventive spreads and unique sandwich creations, delivering a fresh take on classic flavors. If you're looking to step outside the box, try their Chopped Cheese or Inverted Grilled Cheese for a real treat. Even a "bagel snob" from Brooklyn agrees (per Yelp) -- this place is the real deal.

Hawaii: Lox Of Bagels

Lox of Bagels Taro sandwich
Lox of Bagels Taro sandwich - Facebook: Lox of Bagels

Every day at Lox of Bagels, enjoy over 20 distinct bagel flavors, incorporating a variety of grains, fruits, vegetables, and spices. Their standout options like taro and guava create purple and pink colorful bagels for all to enjoy.

Offering a taste of traditional and inventive flavors, you'll find unique sandwich creations and bagel melts that capture the essence of the islands. Locally owned with delicious coffee options and a tropical vibe, Lox of Bagels in Honolulu has become a must-visit destination in Hawaii.

Idaho: Blue Sky Bagels

Blue Sky bagel sandwich
Blue Sky bagel sandwich - Blue Sky Bagels

Blue Sky Bagels claims the title of Idaho's foremost bagel destination, with locations in various communities throughout the state. The staff takes pride in their bagel-making, which you can see step by step on the shop's website.

Blue Sky has been serving the Gem State with exceptional bagels for decades with its classic menu of bagels, spreads, sandwiches, and more. The best part? Sandwich and bagel extras are free! Now that's something you won't find anywhere else.

Illinois: New York Bagel & Bialy

New York Bagel & Bialy
New York Bagel & Bialy - Facebook: New York Bagel & Bialy

Known far and wide in Illinois, New York Bagel & Bialy is the go-to for so many. You won't find a cute or trendy shop -- they mean bagel business with no frills.

Bringing New York deli culture to the Midwest, the menu offers all the classics, celebrated for their traditional taste and quality with a 4 ½ star rating over 676 reviews on Yelp at the time of this writing. Top their bagels with local favorites like lox or pastrami, and don't forget their pastry selection, too!

Indiana: Sidedoor Bagels

Sidedoor Bagels
Sidedoor Bagels - Instagram: Sidedoor Bagels

What started as a hobby turned into a part-time bagel delivery service. Now, Sidedoor Bagels is an Indianapolis institution. People wait in line for these delicious circles of dough until they sell out.

Sidedoor's menu features a diverse selection of freshly boiled and baked, traditional and inventive bagels, like their Spicy Everything and Garlic White Cheddar, all made with precision and care. Using an array of local ingredients, it's no wonder people in the area love Sidedoor.

Iowa: 5 Borough Bagels

Specialty bagels
Specialty bagels - Instagram: 5 Borough Bagels

5 Borough Bagels stands as the undisputed king of bagel shops in Iowa, with its origins rooted in serving Des Moines Metro since 2016. Locally owned and operated by the passionate duo, Sarah and Toney, this establishment takes the art of bagel-making seriously.

Their partnership with Capital City Coffee adds to their appeal. Pair a cup of coffee or espresso with their diverse menu offering 12 delectable bagel flavors and 12 house-made cream cheeses prepared daily from fresh ingredients. With all this and more, 5 Borough Bagels ensures a genuine New York-style experience.

Kansas: Meshuggah Bagels

Tie dye Meshuggah Bagels
Tie dye Meshuggah Bagels - Instagram: Meshuggah Bagels

Meshuggah Bagels is driven by Janna and Pete's quest for the quintessential New York bagel. Their story began with that first "crazy delicious" (per Meshuggah Bagels) bite on a New York street corner, inspiring them to bring that authentic taste to Kansas City. With Janna's food industry experience and Pete's ancestral baking roots, Meshuggah Bagels was born.

Meshuggah stands out for recreating the old-world bagel essence. Each bagel follows authentic artisan methods, including a secret ingredient mix and a crucial boil before baking. From the classics to their seasonal Apple Pie Schmear, you'll always find the right treat.

Kentucky: Great Bagel & Bakery

Great Bagel & Bakery
Great Bagel & Bakery - Great Bagel & Bakery

We're naming Great Bagel & Bakery as Kentucky's top bagel shop with its establishment in Lexington. Since opening its doors in 2011, this beloved bagelry has been dedicated to preserving the timeless tradition of crafting exceptional bagels.

What sets them apart is their commitment to using stone-milled regional and locally grown organic grains, resulting in a diverse menu. You can enjoy delicious classics like plain, asiago, and everything, or get wild with maple bourbon, honey wheat, or French toast.

Louisiana: Humble Bagel

Madri Gras bagels
Madri Gras bagels - Humble Bagel

Humble Bagel, located in New Orleans, is our vote for Louisiana's best bagel spot. Founded by Casey Mackintosh and Tara Mikhail, this shop brings the authentic taste of New York-style bagels to the bayou. They prioritize quality, crafting their bagels from scratch daily in small batches to ensure freshness and minimize waste.

Their bagels consist of just five essential ingredients and proudly sell out each day. They also feature an open kitchen, so you can watch these bagels come to life! Check out their daily specials and specialty bagels, too.

Maine: Scratch Baking Co.

Cheddar jalapeno bagel
Cheddar jalapeno bagel - Instagram: Scratch Baking Co.

Scratch Baking Co. is taking first in Maine as the ultimate bagel shop, dedicated to crafting small-batch, artisanal delights from Wednesday through Sunday. This neighborhood gem combines great food and a warm community spirit, fostering a personal and welcoming environment.

While renowned for its exceptional bagels, Scratch offers a diverse array of culinary delights, including bread, breakfast pastries, desserts, and a well-stocked coffee bar. Their small but mighty selection of premade sandwiches, salads, and weekend quiches complements their offerings. But, get in line early because these bagels are in high demand.

Maryland: Goldberg's Bagels

Salmon & cream cheese bagel
Salmon & cream cheese bagel - Goldberg's Bagels

Goldberg's Bagels, established in 2004, is the best bagel shop in Maryland, serving Washington DC and the metro area. Renowned for their superior quality and service, they've earned distinctions like "Best Bagel" by the Washington Jewish Week and the "Top Nosh" award from the Washington Post (via Kosher PO)

Their menu offers a range of breakfast and lunch options, including bagels, sandwiches, soups, and salads, but most love their everything bagels and their cream cheese and with smoked salmon bagels. Certified kosher by the Vaad Harabanim of Greater Washington, this is the place for a quality bagel experience.

Massachusetts: Bagel World

Bagel World sandwich
Bagel World sandwich - Facebook: Bagel World

Bagel World proudly stands as Massachusetts' top bagel shop, with a legacy dating back to 1993. This brand is renowned for preserving an authentic Polish-inspired bagel recipe, handed down from their father. While their menu has evolved, their commitment to quality remains unshaken. Each day, their dedicated dough makers handcraft bagels using this time-tested recipe.

For over 25 years, Bagel World has specialized in delivering top-notch bagels, sandwiches, drinks, and coffee at affordable prices. With four North Shore locations offering catering and takeout, they have garnered a devoted following, drawing customers from near and far. As a proud Northshore local, I can attest.

Michigan: Detroit Bagel Factory

Cheese bagel
Cheese bagel - Facebook: Detroit Bagel Factory

Detroit Bagel Factory has been perfecting the bagel tradition since 1960. Located in Livonia, MI, they craft everything in small batches, selling their bagels within hours of baking for unparalleled freshness.

Their menu not only features award-winning bagels but also deli classics like corned beef on rye and egg and cheese bagel sandwiches. They're also known for their homemade whipped cream cheese and lox to pair with one or a dozen bagels.

Minnesota: Rise Bagel Co.

Bagel sandwich
Bagel sandwich - Instagram: Rise Bagel Co.

Rise Bagel Co. cooks up artisan bagels made from organic ingredients. Their meticulous process starts with homemade dough, which is transformed into crisp, chewy, and flavorful treats. These bagels offer a unique blend of New York and Montreal styles, combining the best of both traditions. They even offer a plant-based breakfast option, too!

Starting at the Fulton Farmers Market in 2014, Rise quickly gained recognition, earning praise from The Star Tribune's food critic. With a dedication to natural ingredients, old-world methods, and community involvement, Rise Bagel Co. sets the standard for an elevated bagel experience in Minnesota.

Mississippi: Beagle Bagel Cafe

Beagle Bagel Cafe bagels
Beagle Bagel Cafe bagels - Facebook: Beagle Bagel Cafe

Beagle Bagel Cafe in Mississippi features freshly baked, handmade bagels that have been a beloved Southern tradition for over two decades. Established in 1995, this family-owned and operated restaurant boasts locations in Madison, Jackson, and Oxford.

Beagle Bagel's dedication to crafting exceptional bagels and Southern-inspired delights has made them an integral part of Mississippi's culinary landscape, delighting locals in multiple communities. Their chicken salad is a top-seller and a must for anyone visiting the area. As for locals, this is a "go to place" and "puts everyone else to shame," (per Yelp).

Missouri: Lefty's Bagels

Pride bagels
Pride bagels - Facebook: Lefty's Bagels

Lefty's Bagels is the unrivaled bagel shop in Missouri, founded by brothers-in-law Doug Goldenberg and Scott "Lefty" Lefton. Their quest for "bagel perfection" led to a unique New York-style bagel recipe that became a local sensation. In partnership with The Bakers Hub, they launched Lefty's Bagels as a weekend pop-up, quickly selling out and becoming a St. Louis favorite.

Their traditional bagels are kettle-boiled and baked to perfection, using high-quality ingredients. Established in 2021, this locally owned family business offers vegan, peanut/tree nut-free, and certified kosher bagels.

Montana: BagelWorks

BagelWorks bagels
BagelWorks bagels - Instagram: BagelWorks

BagelWorks has served Gallatin Valley with top-quality bagels since 1991. Earning a devoted following with their freshly made bagels and a wide array of flavors, their long-standing presence and dedicated focus on quality makes them the go-to bagel destination in the state.

Their menu includes delectable hot breakfast sandwiches, customizable lunch bagels, and an extensive array of cream cheese flavors. With a slogan that declares they're "Not Just a Roll with a Hole," (per BagelWorks), BagelWorks has etched its place as the ultimate bagel shop in Montana.

Nebraska: Bagel Bin

Bagel Bin bagels
Bagel Bin bagels - Facebook: Bagel Bin

Bagel Bin has a history dating back to 1977 when Joel and Susan Brezack moved from Long Island to Omaha. Since their opening, they've turned Bagel Bin Kosher and integrated cherished Polish family recipes into their products. Now operated by their sons, David and Scott, the Bagel Bin remains a family business, crafting fresh, all-natural New York-style bagels daily.

The family accommodates diverse community needs and serves most of Omaha, supervised by the Vaad of Omaha. You'll find all the classics here, along with some bialys and creative options, like their asiago and cinnamon crunch bagels.

Nevada: Siegel's Bagelmania

Siegel's Bagelmania
Siegel's Bagelmania - Instagram: Siegel's Bagelmania

Located in Las Vegas, Siegel's is a modern-day Jewish delicatessen and bakery, offering traditional New York-style boiled bagels, house-made bread, pastries, and a wide selection of deli favorites. It was founded in 1989 and reinvigorated by Stephen Siegel in 2018.

This 10,000-square-foot establishment combines tradition and modernity, serving over 20 bagel varieties and catering to diverse events with an extensive menu. Their commitment to quality, including fresh lox, pastrami, and more, solidifies their place as the top bagel shop, serving the community behind the glitz of The Strip.

New Hampshire: Big Dave's Bagels & Deli

Everything bagels
Everything bagels - Facebook: Big Dave's Bagels & Deli

Big Dave's Bagels & Deli in North Conway has a simple mission: provide consistently delicious food options and treat everyone who walks through the door like a regular. Their menu includes everything from fresh bagels and baked goods to sandwiches, wraps, and burritos.

The shop's history and care dates back to the founder's teenage years, working for Arthur Goldberg, a pioneer in the New York and New Jersey bagel industry. This legacy and dedication to excellent food and service have made Big Dave's what it is today and a new legend when it comes to stellar bagels.

New Jersey: The Bagel Nook

The Bagel Nook
The Bagel Nook - Instagram: The Bagel Nook

The Bagel Nook is New Jersey's top bagel shop, known for its wild and inventive creations. They've shaken up the bagel world with audacious flavors like Oreo, Fruity Pebble, and Captain Crunch bagels, along with unique micro-batch cream cheese varieties such as Birthday Cake and Nutella.

The shop's success can be attributed to a combination of premium ingredients and a profound love for bagels. Their remarkable offerings have earned them a spotlight in publications like Food & Wine, Glamour, and The Today Show, as well as a feature on BuzzFeed.

New Mexico: Alicea's NY Bagels & Subs

Jalapeno, bacon & cheese bagel
Jalapeno, bacon & cheese bagel - Facebook: Alicea's NY Bagels & Subs

Alicea's NY Bagels & Subs in Rio Rancho stands out as the ultimate destination for authentic New York-style bagels in New Mexico. Their bagels are prepared fresh daily on-site -- boiled and baked with no preservatives -- and are characterized by a puffy texture, moist crust, and a delectable blend of salt and malt.

A customer favorite is the everything bagel with green chile, loaded with options like eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, and cheese. This locally owned and operated establishment is deeply committed to the community, catering to East Coasters and locals alike.

New York: Ess-A-Bagel

Ess-a-bagel bagels
Ess-a-bagel bagels - Instagram: Ess-a-bagel

While it's difficult to name just one great bagel spot in New York, we're calling Ess-a-Bagel the best. Its roots go back to 1976, when Florence and Gene Wilpon, and Aaron Wenzelberg opened their first location.

Hailing from a family with Austrian heritage, their hand-rolled bagels earned the title of the best in the Tri-State area within two years. National recognition soon followed with its delectable assortment of cakes, pastries, muffins, and cookies. Ess-a-Bagel's mastery in the bagel-making art keeps patrons lined up around the block, where the bagels are allowed to shine without the need for novelty flavors.

North Carolina: Benchwarmers Bagels & Coffee

Bagel sandwiches
Bagel sandwiches - Instagram: Benchwarmers Bagels & Coffee

In North Carolina, we're naming Benchwarmers Bagels & Coffee the best. This shop distinguishes itself with exceptional bagels made from fresh-milled heirloom grains, extended fermentation, and wood-fired baking.

While they feature high-end ingredients and fancy coffee, they boast a "playful" and "unpretentious" atmosphere, (per Benchwarmers Bagels and Coffee) In their creations, they support an array of local and small businesses and want to ensure everything from production to that first bite is met with care and love.

North Dakota: BernBaum's

Bacon, egg, maple-bacon-thyme sandwich
Bacon, egg, maple-bacon-thyme sandwich - Facebook: BernBaum's

BernBaum's is the crown jewel of Fargo's dining scene, masterfully blending Nordic and Jewish flavors in a downtown deli. Since 2017, BernBaum's has been captivating both locals and travelers, earning its place as North Dakota's go-to spot for a unique fusion of flavors.

The shop is renowned for its daily baked fresh bagels, offering both weekday lunches and weekend brunch to a growing fan base. From lox to shakshuka to Romanian sausage, you'll never get bored with this menu.

Ohio: The Lox Bagel Shop

The Lox Bagel Shop
The Lox Bagel Shop - Instagram: The Lox Bagel Shop

Located in the heart of Columbus' vibrant Short North Arts District, The Lox Bagel Shop is the definitive bagel haven. Their hand-rolled, boiled, and live-fire oven-baked bagels are a harmonious blend of New York and Montreal styles, setting them apart from the other options in the state.

Their fame extends nationwide, earning a place in Bon Appétit and Food & Wine magazines as one of the best bagel shops in the U.S. With a welcoming atmosphere, The Lox Bagel Shop is where bagel enthusiasts gather for a distinct bagel experience.

Oklahoma: Old School Bagel

Old School Bagel
Old School Bagel - Facebook: Old School Bagel

Interspersed throughout the great state of Oklahoma, Old School Bagel is the unrivaled destination for bagels. Their meticulous approach to bagel-making mirrors the time-honored traditions of NYC, with an overnight dough-prep process. The bagels are then delicately boiled and baked to perfection.

Delight in flavors such as jalapeno cheddar, honey oat, and blueberry as you savor the natural essence of these delectable treats. From an array of bagel sandwiches to take-home cream cheese, you can get whatever you need at one of their many locations. These treats even cause some customers to sing (per Yelp)!

Oregon: Bernstein's Bagels

Bagel sandwich
Bagel sandwich - Instagram: Bernstein's Bagels

In Portland, Bernstein's Bagels shines as a hidden culinary treasure. Founded by Noah Bernstein, a former musician turned bagel artisan, the shop has swiftly gained acclaim with write-ups in Bon Appetit and Food & Wine.

Noah's commitment to a traditional and meticulous approach makes these bagels shine. Using organic barley malt syrup instead of malt powder, each bagel is hand-rolled and allowed to ferment for two days, resulting in a unique, complex flavor akin to a sourdough pretzel. Whether you're craving classic lox or a dill chicken salad sandwich, Bernstein's is the go-to bagel shop in Oregon.

Pennsylvania: Kismet Bagels

Kismet bialys
Kismet bialys - Facebook: Kismet Bagels

Kismet Bagels, a heartwarming pandemic-born venture in Philadelphia, combines exceptional bagels with a strong commitment to community service. Jacob and Alexandra Cohen, motivated by their newfound free time during the early days of the pandemic, ventured into baking, starting with bread and progressing to bagels. Inspired by a desire to make a positive impact, they began selling their bagels to neighbors and donating the proceeds.

Their brick-and-mortar locations in Fishtown and Rittenhouse, along with a spot at Reading Terminal Market, serve their delicious bagels and a variety of creative and vibrant cream cheese options. Don't forget to try their delectable bailys!

Rhode Island: Bristol Bagel Works

Pastrami, egg & cheese
Pastrami, egg & cheese - Facebook: Bristol Bagel Works

Bristol Bagel Works, a beloved Rhode Island institution for nearly three decades, is dedicated to crafting fresh, mouthwatering bagels daily. Established by Christine, Herb, and Rob Browne in 1994, their mission was simple: deliver the best fresh bagels with a focus on service.

Today, this shop is renowned throughout New England for its homemade bagels, delightful coffee, and an inviting downtown location that warmly welcomes every customer by name. Stick to the classics, or enjoy innovative creations like their Cheddar Broccoli bagel and their Olive Strawberry cream cheese.

South Carolina: Bagel Nation

Egglewich Deluxe bagel sandwich
Egglewich Deluxe bagel sandwich - Facebook: Bagel Nation

Bagel Nation is cherished by Charleston locals, college students, and well-informed visitors. Every morning, they meticulously craft their bagels from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients. While their bagels are delightful on their own, Bagel Nation's specialty cream cheeses and breakfast sandwiches have become their hallmark.

There are so many must-haves at this local spot. The Egglewich Deluxe, a bacon, egg, and cheese creation on a toasted bagel, is a customer favorite. The Southern Belle on an Everything bagel is their top seller, and the sweet-tooth's delight is their sugar and cinnamon-crusted Frazzle bagels.

South Dakota: Black Hills Bagels

Black Hills bagels
Black Hills bagels - Facebook: Black Hills Bagels

Black Hills Bagels is the go-to bagel shop in South Dakota, with two convenient locations in Rapid City. Their commitment to providing a unique and wholesome experience shines through their artisanal approach to crafting bagels, cream cheese, and every topping, each with a story of its own.

Since opening their doors in 1997, they've been a beloved morning spot for locals and visitors alike. The shop features 20 varieties of made-from-scratch, preservative-free, and generously sized bagels, complemented by over 15 flavors of cream cheese blended with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Tennessee: Proper Bagel

Proper Bagel sandwich
Proper Bagel sandwich - Instagram: Proper Bagel

Proper Bagel in Nashville stands out as the best bagel shop in Tennessee. With over 40 years of family experience in the culinary world, Proper Bagel blends old-school flavors with new-school creativity. Their kettle-boiled bagels are crafted from scratch and baked daily in a stone-lined oven.

The minimalistic black-and-white interior creates a stylish backdrop for a curated selection of custom cream cheeses and Instagram-worthy bagels that taste as good as they look. With features in a variety of publications, from Goop to Food & Wine, it's clear Proper Bagel is a top contender in the bagel game.

Texas: Nervous Charlie's Bagels

Nervous Charlie's Bagels
Nervous Charlie's Bagels - Instagram: Nervous Charlie's Bagels

Nervous Charlie's Bagels in Austin, Texas, has a straightforward approach to bagels that results in deliciously simple bagels made with high-quality ingredients sourced directly from New York City and Austin. Their dough comes from renowned specialists with over a century of expertise.

Their bagels, crafted to perfection, can be enjoyed plain, with custom cream cheeses, or in mouthwatering sandwiches. Enjoy a classic bagel with cream cheese, or get wild with their Pastrami Hash bagel sandwich or The Big Tuna!

Utah: The Bagel Project

Hava Tequila bagel sandwhich
Hava Tequila bagel sandwhich - Facebook: The Bagel Project

The Bagel Project was birthed out of necessity: to fill the bagel void in Salt Lake City. Originating from New Jersey, the founders faced a bagel-less breakfast crisis in their new town and decided to take matters into their own hands. After months of dedication and around 200 pounds of flour, they recreated the authentic bagel taste of their childhood.

Handmade without preservatives, sugar, eggs, or honey, their vegan bagels embody old-world fermentation practices. Try one of their creative sammies like the Hava Tequila or the Trout and Truffle.

Vermont: Myer's Wood-Fired Bagels

Cider cinnamon sugar bagel
Cider cinnamon sugar bagel - Facebook: Myer's Wood-Fired Bagels

For over two decades, Myer's has been the go-to spot for authentic Montreal-style bagels in Burlington, Vermont, earning the title of "best bagel" in Burlington, (per Seven Days). Founded by Lloyd Squires, Myer's delivers hand-rolled, wood oven-fired delights that locals and visitors can't resist.

Their commitment to tradition ensures that every bite embodies the true essence of exceptional bagels. Enjoy fresh bagels, sandwiches, pastries, and more! Don't believe us? The epic reviews and 4 ½ star rating over 352 reviews on Yelp (at the time of this writing) speak for themselves.

Virginia: Yorgo's Bageldashery

Yorgo's Bageldashery sandwich
Yorgo's Bageldashery sandwich - Instagram: Yorgo's Bageldashery

Yorgo's Bageldashery, nestled in Norfolk, Virginia's historic Ghent district, is the go-to spot for the finest bagels in the state. Over its nearly two-decade history, Yorgo's has become a beloved tradition, drawing locals and visitors alike.

What makes Yorgo's special is its owner, Greg Peterman, who was once a customer with a passion for bagels. Today, he continues to uphold the tradition of excellence that began over nineteen years ago, cooking up small batches to ensure freshness and making genuine connections with his customers. From decadent bagel sandwiches to mimosa flights, there's something for everyone at this hip VA spot.

Washington: Blazing Bagels

Cheddar bagel sandwich
Cheddar bagel sandwich - Instagram: Blazing Bagels

Blazing Bagels in Seattle, Washington, offers a unique bagel experience with a wide range of flavors beyond the traditional. Snickerdoodle, French toast, jalapeño, bacon, cheddar, and pizza bagels are among the options that stand out. These creative bagels make for some even wilder sandwiches, too!

Blazing Bagels prides itself on variety, offering up to 30 flavors and numerous schmears, making it ideal for those seeking new taste sensations. Their oversized bagels, crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, ensure a satisfying and filling experience, setting this shop apart as a bagel lover's haven.

West Virginia: Royalicious

Royalicious bagels
Royalicious bagels - Facebook: Royalicious

Royalicious in Charles Town, West Virginia, is the epitome of a family legacy. The shop spans four generations, blending Russian, Jewish, and Sicilian backgrounds to create delightful baked goods, including a variety of New York-style bagels.

Their extensive range of New York-style bagels, available in over 15 flavors, draws customers from near and far. The bakery produces fresh baked goods daily and caters to various occasions, making it a go-to destination for those seeking authentic and delicious bagels and other baked treats.

Wisconsin: Bagels Forever

Lox bagel sandwich
Lox bagel sandwich - Facebook: Bagels Forever

Bagels Forever stands as Wisconsin's unrivaled bagel haven, pioneering authentic New York-style bagels in Madison since 1973. When the bakery first opened, the local scene lacked these iconic delights, sparking Bagels Forever's mission to fill the void. Their bagels, crafted from all-natural ingredients and boiled before hearth-baking, rapidly gained acclaim.

Today, these revered bagels are not confined to their original location on University Avenue but are available in grocery stores across Wisconsin and the Midwest. Over four decades later, Bagels Forever remains the beloved go-to spot for anyone craving a fresh-from-the-hearth, deliciously diverse selection of bagel varieties.

Wyoming: Mort's Bagels

Mort's Bagels
Mort's Bagels - Mort's Bagels

Mort's Bagels has been taking care of Cheyenne residents and travelers alike with their exceptionally fresh bagels since 1993. Committed to crafting daily batches of irresistible bagels, Mort's offers a diverse selection to cater to every taste, from sweet to savory and even spicy.

Whether you're a regular visitor or a newcomer seeking signature creations, Mort's welcomes everyone. Enjoy the traditional flavors like plain and cinnamon raisin, but don't be afraid to switch it up and try their cheddar dill and Razzleberry. You won't regret it!

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