Wayne Bennett urges Broncos board to settle coaching future

Laine Clark

Wayne Bennett admits it "remains to be seen" whether he stays on as Brisbane coach.

The Broncos mentor - off contract next year - has urged the Brisbane board to decide his future after a Wednesday News Corp report claimed he was a "dead man walking".

The report said the Brisbane board had rejected foundation coach Bennett's pitch to stay on in 2020 and were looking at other options including South Sydney coach Anthony Seibold.

Bennett, 68, is sick of the speculation surrounding his future and wants answers from the board.

"From a personal point of view I do (got a Broncos board response) because it is compulsory for me to come here and I have to answer these questions all the time," he said.

"They (board) have don't have to come to meetings. They can avoid them or make no comment - I am the one facing the music.

"Personally I wish the speculation wasn't here and it would all go away but it won't go away until we make a decision here.

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"I understand that. I am not sure if everyone else (at Broncos) does."

Asked if he would be coaching at Brisbane in 2020, Bennett said: "It remains to be seen".

The News Corp report suggested winning the 2018 premiership was Bennett's only hope of staying at the club.

But the Broncos mentor said: "I don't know what will save me.

"I don't know if I will be here or not, you will have to talk to them.

"I am not in a position where I can elaborate on my future. It's someone else's call."

Bennett wants a decision made on his future now. Pic: Getty

Asked if the Brisbane board were being disrespectful to him with their lack of feedback, Bennett said: "You will have to talk to them about all those issues. I am just getting on with coaching. That is my focus.

"I am not going to stand here and sell myself to anyone."

Bennett said two other NRL clubs had approached him but would not follow up on rival offers until his Broncos future was decided.

But Bennett was confident he could keep coaching into his 70s.

"I haven't pushed anything at this point of time (with rival clubs). I will just get myself settled and work from there," he said.

"(But) there is nothing that suggests to me that I don't (want to continue).

"It could change pretty quickly but it is what I do - I am a coach."

Meanwhile, Brisbane back-rower Jaydn Su'A has re-signed for another two seasons.