Benetton game 'sums up our performances' - Everitt

Head coach Sean Everitt believes his side's dismal loss to Benetton "sums up" Edinburgh's performances this season, as they failed to capitalise on opportunities.

Instead it was the Italian side who put Edinburgh to the sword and secured a huge 31-6 victory and a place in the URC play-offs.

"There is frustration and anger," Everitt said. "This is a good test of how close our group is. We’re going to go through some adversity now, we’re going to have to pick ourselves up and come back next season to go again.

"We did well enough to put ourselves in this position, but this game sums up our performances: when we get opportunities, we don’t finish them."

"Those are the improvements we will look at. If you look at the team as a whole, it was never short of effort, but at times our skill errors let us down.

However, Everitt defended his side's "growth" this season and pointed to wins away at Ulster, and two wins at home over the Lions and the Bulls.

"There has been growth in certain areas, otherwise we wouldn’t have won 11 games," he added. "But there are obviously areas that are a concern for me. We need to work hard on our attack to get some flow going.

"To be fair to the players, with me coming late - and that’s not an excuse - you tend to want to put your defence and kicking game in place, so I’ll take some responsibility for that.

"But our attack initially was really good and it’s something we need to work on for next season. We’ve put in some good foundation work and I see that as growth."

The head coach did admit though, that Benetton handled the pressure better in the all-or-nothing clash in Treviso.

"It wasn’t a good performance by us at all. We made a lot of errors under pressure which ultimately cost us the ball.

"The unfortunate thing is that when we did have opportunities in the outside channels, we spilled the ball and they managed to score.

"Benetton put us under pressure and we didn’t handle that pressure well."