Ben Simmons gets last laugh against NBA rival after 'average' sledge

The NBA never forgets.

Brooklyn Nets back-up big man Jared Dudley can hardly be blamed for taking a few shots at Ben Simmons after the first two games of their playoff series.

The Aussie star was booed off the court after game one following Brooklyn’s upset win, but bounced back convincingly in game two.

Prior to game three, Dudley was asked about his thoughts on guarding Simmons and couldn’t help but throw a little barb his way.

Jared Dudley came off second-best in his feud with Sixers star Ben Simmons. Pictures: Twitter/@BleacherReport

“I think Ben Simmons is a great player in transition. Once you slow him up in the halfcourt, I think he’s average,” Dudley said.


Simmons, clearly was unimpressed by the comments.

At one point he was seen openly laughing at Dudley during their third quarter, before mocking his Nets rival for an airball a few minutes later.

Simmons dominated game three, making his rebuttal to Dudley’s comments all the more sweet.

“It’s coming from Jared Dudley, c’mon,” Simmons said.

Brooklyn’s Simmons troll backfires

The first round NBA playoff series between the two teams has grown increasingly chippy through the first two games, culminating in a Joel Embiid elbow that floored Nets big man Jarrett Allen.

Ben Simmons has veered from villain to hero in the eyes of Philly fans over the first two games, being booed off the court in a shock game one loss before bouncing back in stylish fashion in game two.

The duo then laughed during a post game press conference when Embiid was asked about the incident with Allen.

Despite Embiid and Simmons apologising for both the elbow and his laughter, Nets fans haven’t forgotten the slight.

Simmons’ famously broken jump shot has been the target of mockery from Nets fans all series, but a missing persons poster hung in Brooklyn took it to a whole new level.