Ben Hardy's new movie debuts with 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

ben hardy, jason patel, unicorns
Ben Hardy's new movie debuts with 100% RT ratingCourtesy of TIFF

Former EastEnders star Ben Hardy’s new movie Unicorns has debuted with rave reviews, earning a hallowed score of 100% on aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

Co-directed by Sally El Hosaini and James Krishna Floyd, the latter of whom also penned the script, the film follows Hardy as a single father and mechanic who is forced to reckon with his sexuality after kissing a drag queen (newcomer Jason Patel).

As per the film’s official synopsis, the two characters' journey encapsulates “the thrill of raw desire, the gravity of familial responsibility, and the transformative power of being seen for who you really are".

ben hardy, jason patel, unicorns
Courtesy of TIFF

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The summary begins: “Hard-working single father Luke (Hardy) has grown accustomed to settling for transactional sex in his fleeting parcels of spare time. But when he stumbles across an underground nightclub, he meets Aysha (Patel), a beautiful, seductive woman.

“Their first kiss yields fireworks — which are immediately followed by Luke’s sobering realisation that Aysha is not the cisgender woman he thought, but a remarkably femme drag queen.”

ben hardy and jason patel
Leon Bennett - Getty Images

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At the time of writing, Unicorns – which premiered at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival – sits at a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes from six reviews.

While it's possible that this score may drop when other reviews land, critics have all been positive about the film thus far.

The Hollywood Reporter

“What we do understand is the undeniable bond between two people who truly see and adore each other for who they are, who become the best and truest versions of themselves when they’re together. It’s a small story, in some ways — but one that, in Unicorns’ tender hands, feels like more than enough.”

The Playlist

“The chemistry between Patel and Hardy is often divine, and the latter delivers such a layered and charismatic performance you’re with it till the end.”

ben hardy at the toronto international film festival
Leon Bennett - Getty Images

“There’s inherent power in that story, and Hardy and Patel really understand these characters and how they navigate their worlds. It’s in Hardy’s emotional eyes or Patel’s captivating smile."

Digital Journal

“Watching Luke and Aysha grow closer is a beautiful experience as both actors achieve total authenticity – high praise for Patel who’s starring in his first-ever role."

A release date for Unicorns is yet to be announced.

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